Collaborative Cataloging Japan: Masanobu Nakamura

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CCJ is pleased to partner with Art Saloon to present the works of Masanobu Nakamura. Curator, producer, and filmmaker Akihiro Suzuki has specially selected eight titles for CCJ’s members’ viewing, which will be presented over three months.

Bizarre Disease 1 / 奇病11977, 3 min, 16mm, color
Commemorative Photo / 記念写真1978, 3 min, 16mm, color
Summer Is Gone1978, 30 min, 16mm, color

The Beautiful Days / 美しい日々1970, 10 min, 8mm, color
Another Life1976, 11 min, 8mm, color
Spring Has Come1977, 18 min, 8mm, color

Omen / 兆(KIZASHI)1988, 13 min, 16mm, color
The Collection / 蒐集1989, 11 min, 16mm, color

Masanobu Nakamura began making 8mm films in 1969, when Japan’s season of revolutionary politics was drawing to a close, and went on to work in diverse media, creating and releasing more than 40 films in 8mm, 16mm, and video formats by 1987. His unique world, which carries on the 1960s underground’s transgressive legacy while delving into more personal desires and representations, overflows with freedom and venom worthy of the term “post-underground cinema.” Maintaining distance from the worlds of academia and commercial cinema, he consistently pursued his own singular approach including shooting, editing, and producing music for his own films, and his work inimitably fuses a fetishistic gaze and experimental methodologies. As 8mm equipment became more widely available from the 1970s onward, experimental and privately produced films emphasizing personal expression and sensibilities rather than collective ideologies and political movements became prevalent in Japan. Nakamura was among the pioneers of this current in Japanese film, and as a filmmaker who defies categorization, remains an extraordinary figure to this day.

“Masanobu Nakamura’s world is certainly one of eroticism, of a certain kind. But what distinguishes his films from the great mass of merely titillating soft-core material out there is the peculiarly obsessive gaze he turns on his subjects.

What draws me to Nakamura’s films is the way their lyricism, sensual to the point of morbidity, oozes out of the screen in phases of the film where it seems unintended and unstoppable. His images cannot help but make the heart flutter, the nostrils wrinkle, the viscera experience the bluntness of an instrument plunging menacingly toward the subjects. Nakamura’s films live and breathe, exerting a bizarre force, a devilish élan that pulls us inexorably into a world of both sweetness and depravity.” - Toshio Matsumoto (translated by Colin Smith) "The Charm of Delusion [Mōsō no miwaku]," RA MU NE No.15 (September 1979, Marble Refining Factory [Bīdama seiren kōjō])

Selected films of Masanobu Nakamura are also streaming on Art Saloon.

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Introduction by Akihiro Suzuki, translated by Colin Smith.


De Miércoles, Septiembre 1, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Martes, Noviembre 30, 2021 (Todo el día)



De Miércoles, Septiembre 1, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Martes, Noviembre 30, 2021 (Todo el día)