Cinédoc's cineclub: Refle-x-périmental #2 - Traits/Portraits

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The second program of Refle-x-périmental is dedicated to cine-portraits. It proposes an exploration of gestures of cinematographic (self)representation based on multiple intersections of the gaze.

From self-portraits (Snow, Unglee) to family (Schefer, Satake), familiar (Mekas, Baillie), or even domestic (Rey) portraits, along with political portraits (Glowczewska, Schefer), these films question the relationship between the filmmakers and their subjects.

From Rey’s cow to the celebrities of the Factory, these films experiment with the passages between the self and the other. They also explore filmic temporalities – those of the before and after(-shave) (Snow), of the strata of genealogical time (Schefer, Satake), of historical time (Schefer), of everyday life (Baillie, Rey) as well as of anticipation (Unglee).

The screening will be followed by a debate with filmmakers Unglee and Raquel Schefer.


  • Short Shave (Michael Snow, 1965, 16mm, 3’30)
  • Award Presentation to Andy Warhol (Jonas Mekas, 1964, 16mm, 12’)
  • Mr. Hayashi (Bruce Baillie, 1961, 16mm, 3')
  • Fête de femmes à l'Université de Vincennes
  • La Vache qui rumine (Georges Rey, 1970, 16mm, 3’)
  • Autoportrait en blanc et noir (Unglee, 1976, 16mm, 6')
  • Idea assurda per un filmmaker – Ester (Gianfranco Brebbia, 1969, DCP, 11'50'')
  • Avó (Muidumbe) (Raquel Schefer, 2009, DCP, 11')
  • A Blink (Maki Satake, 2010, DCP, 8’)


Refle-x-périmental is Cinédoc's cineclub at the Reflet.
Next screening: June 20th at 20h30.
Reflet Médicis : 3 rue Champollion, 75005 Paris
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Reflet Médicis - Paris, Francia


Martes, Mayo 2, 2023 - 20:30



Martes, Mayo 2, 2023 - 20:30


  • 3 rue Champollion
    75005   Paris
    48° 50' 59.2332" N, 2° 20' 35.0592" E