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From July 4th to 10th, 2016 in Nantes, France, the association MIRE will organize the next Independent Film Labs Meeting. In the recent history of artist run film labs’ there have been several meetings that have contributed to the reinforcement and expansion of the network. Mire wants to continue this “tradition” by hosting an event, which will combine practical hands on workshops and discussion as well as a series of public screenings of work produced by independent and artist run labs. There will be eight thematic programs of independent handmade film programmed by a panel of international film programmers. We want to show recent work generated in different labs from around the world.

The works should be produced on film in a handmade, artisanal way using the resources of a lab or in an independent DIY way. We will have two other evenings dedicated to performances and live forms. There is a separate commission for performance and expanded forms and a group at Mire is working on these programs, you can also submit work for this section. Works not selected or completed in time for closure date of pre-selection may be screened in open screenings during the Film Labs Meeting

If you are interested in submitting a film for selection please find all infos here :


Mire - Nantes, Francia


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