Broadcasting Experiments for Smartphones

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Broadcasting Experiments for Smartphones
One short film per day, each time broadcasted
according to different modalities.
To watch on smartphones.

At the dawn of a reopening of cinemas and cultural spaces in France, which we hope will be soon, the Collectif Jeune Cinéma offers you a film program in relation to the online viewing practices that have taken on considerable importance in our lives over the last year.

The starting point of this film program was to work on collective experiences of viewing on the internet. We wanted to do so while online broadcasts are still given importance, although it seems that they will endure even after the reopening of screening venues.

In response to festival and event urges that have sometimes led us, and others as well, to propose a simple transposition of on-site screenings to on-line screenings, we have preferred a return to what is constitutive of our collective: experimentation, bricolage, detournement.

To propose, by this means, to get out of a digital routine that in very few months seems nevertheless to have settled in a lasting way - and to reflect, together, on what each mode of online distribution does to us and to the films.

Reintroduce, as much as possible, a shared experience even online, and avoid virtual rooms where everyone is absent. Take advantage, instead, of the freedom offered by the internet, which allows us to try things that are impossible in theaters.

To ask ourselves, even more today, the question of the broadcasting mode of the films, including for those which are usually projected and which have renounced it since one year to be only broadcasted.

To appropriate digital broadcasting not as a virtual cinema where other spectators do not exist, but as an autonomous space, where schedules, limited audiences gauge, entrance fees, geographical areas, do not matter as much anymore. A space where the spectators are also projectionists, where an interaction is possible between them and the image, but also between the spectators themselves, and with the people in charge of the broadcast (the artists, the technicians, the programmers).

To broadcast miniature films, small animated and moving things that fit in the hand, that we can take with us, that we can even touch, and that light up our face directly when we watch them in the dark. Films made to be seen alone, others to be left a little aside, cell phone in the hand while looking out the outside, others to be seen outside, in company of strangers or not.

Théo Deliyannis

Participating artists
Arcade Assogba, Eden Tinto Collins, Anaïs Tohé Commaret
Calypso Debrot, Théo Deliyannis, Félix Fattal
Davorin Marc, Florian Maricourt
Pierre Merejkowsky, Stefano Miraglia, Nour Ouayda
Jacques Perconte, Fred Perié, Juha van Ingen

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De Lunes, Mayo 3, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Mayo 13, 2021 (Todo el día)