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 The boo launching event, scheduled to happen from 3pm BRT on, proposes a sharing of the Bcubico experiment and the process of making the material — the QR code of the event’s poster links the e-book . Edson Barrus, yann beauvais and biarritzzz will be present and, through video call, Ana Lira, Keith Sanborn and Jean-Michel Bouhours, some of the cultural makers that contributed to Bcubico’s history and collaborated with the publication. There will also be an original pocket show by Biahits, the music project of biarritzzz accompanied by Igea Martins and Henrique Falcão.

As a hybrid event, there are three possibilities of experiencing it: attending the event, online through a Zoom video call or the live transmission in Bcubico’s Youtube channel. The event is supported by CEPE Companhia Editora de Pernambuco, which will have a sales point at the venue, and is sponsored by LAB PE and Funcultura. The entrance is free.


“How’d it be possible to think of the experience of an alternative place in terms of a book, as a tool to keep thinking and sharing modes of thinking about alternative art places, as well as alternative exercises?”, reflects yann about the formatting of the project.

“We felt the need to make the complete use license of Re:combo available to all and to spotlight  the meeting held on 2012’s Dia da Consciência Negra (Black Awareness Day), with a text by Ricardo Ruiz… So, the challenge was how to provide not only a textual visibility but a visual one as well, on what happened”, concludes Edson. This is the first time the book is being shown in its entirety, while a preview was already presented at the 7th Dobra Festival last September.

Sponsored by Governo do Estado de Pernambuco through the Edital Funcultura Geral, the work is produced by Experimento Produções, edited by .txt texto de cinema and supported by CEPE Companhia Editora de Pernambuco. It is organized by Edson Barrus and yann beauvais and includes critical texts in french, english and portuguese by Ana Lira, Anthony McCall, Edson Barrus, eRikm, Jean-Michel Bouhours, Keith Sanborn, Malcom Le Grice, Matthias Müller, Nathalie Magnan, Peggy Ahwesh, Re:combo, Ricardo Ruiz, yann beauvais, Ж and more, well as thoughts, testimonies and transcriptions of determined interventions.. The printed installment (1.000 copies) is to be launched in July in Recife and São Paulo.


Hybrid launch event of the Bcubico e-book
talk on the process + original performance by Biahits

14 de maio, 15pm BRT, at Galeria Maumau
Rua Nicarágua, 173, Espinheiro - Recife
via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85305279849 and also as YouTube live transmission: https://youtu.be/KPF6mZ7c3Rs 
Free entrance


Sábado, Mayo 14, 2022 - 15:00



Sábado, Mayo 14, 2022 - 15:00