Barbara Buckner’s Selected Works I (1979-1981)

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Barbara Buckner’s abstract, often silent video works, made throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, explored the transformative properties of electronic image-processing technology. Three of these videos, Hearts (1979), Heads (1979), and Millennia (1981) are available to view through March 23rd.

Barbara Buckner is an American video artist who was among the earliest to use electronic image processing tools, beginning in the early 1970s. Her approach included manipulating the video signal (luminance, hue, and sync) with voltage-controlled devices such as audio and video synthesizers, multi-layer keyers, cameras, colorizers, raster manipulators, and frame buffers. She has described her works as “structural narratives—lyrical, organic, and painterly.” Her videos are silent, initiating a focused and contemplative viewing experience that explores internal rhythms within the moving image. Elemental changes in color, shape, texture, luminance, and movement transform images and imbue them with psychological and spiritual meaning.  

Buckner’s techniques predate the digital imaging we now take for granted. Her intention, she writes, was “to use technology-based imaging to evoke human and spiritual realities, to reveal vital forces within the sinuous forming power in the electronic image.” Her videos, she continues, “reveal spiritual undercurrents via video as an art form, coming from a spiritual desire that lives within the human heart and psyche.”

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