AVANT 2018 - Doing Haut and Pope: Loophole Cinema and More

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The 15th edition of AVANT: Doing Haut and Pope. Loophole Cinema and More is a revisit to the British collective Loophole Cinema and their film actions from the 90s. In addition, three separate film programs by Karel Doing, Bea Haut and Greg Pope are being shown including some other films by former members of Loophole Cinema.

Loophole Cinema

Loophole Cinema worked with site-specific live actions where the audience and the site constituted a part of the film event. Greg Pope has continued to work in the same tradition. Bea Haut is well-known for her intense performative short films that explore the filmic space as place and time event, while Karel Doing’s work ranges from abstract aesthetics to poetic documentaries.


AVANT 28–29 September. Kristinehamn Art Museum; Cinema Arenan, Karlstad.

Friday 28 September: Kristinehamn Art Museum

18.30 Opening
Live Performances:

  • Shadow Engine (Loophole Cinema)
  • Pending in the Foyer (Bea Haut)
  • Symbiogenesis(Karel Doing)
  • SYZYGY (Greg Pope)

Artist talk with Doing, Haut and Pope.

Saturday 29 September: Cinema Arenan, Karlstad

10.00 Karel Doing

  • Wilderness series (Video, 14 min., 2016)
  • Whirlwind (16 mm, 9 min., 1998)
  • Energy Energy (16 mm, 7 min., 1999)
  • Groepsportret (Mini-DV, 4 min., 2005)
  • Luiqidator (Video, 8 min, 2010)
  • Dark Matter (Video, 20 min, 2014)

12.00 Bea Haut (all in 16 mm)

  • Arm, Flexion, Extension (2 min., 2011)
  • Abject Noise (3,5 min., 2014)
  • Gravure (2,5 min., 2013)
  • Bushy (2,5 min., 2017)
  • Degrees of Separation (3 min., 2017)
  • Bush (2,5 min., 2011)
  • I Saw, I See, I Look (8 min., 2013)
  • Defenestration (4,5 min., 2015)
  • Drag (5 min., 2017)

14.30 Greg Pope and more

  • Maas Observation (with Karel Doing; 16mm, 11 min., 1997)
  • Moonwalk (Video, 1 min., 2001)
  • Lofoten (Video, 4min., 2000)
  • Shadow Trap (Video, 6 min., 2007)
  • Shot (Video, 4min., 2009)


  • Pattern-Chaos (Karel Doing)
  • Pending (Bea Haut)
  • See Through (Greg Pope)

18.30 AVANT food and drinks

The film discussions take on a looser form as the visiting artists and audience move to Slussen for food and drinks. Restaurant Slussen is at Kungsgatan 6, Karlstad.

The dinner is 150 kr.


The screenings at AVANT is free of charge but you need to book in advance to be sure to get a seat.
Register here. There is a limited number of tickets. For information and inquiries: [email protected].


AVANT has been organized since 2002 and the 15th edition is a collaboration between Världsalltet, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Karlstad and Stockholm University. AVANT18 is sponsored by Karlstad Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Region Värmland and Stockholm University.


For inquiries contact John Sundholm: [email protected]


De Viernes, Septiembre 28, 2018 (Todo el día) hasta Sábado, Septiembre 29, 2018 (Todo el día)



De Viernes, Septiembre 28, 2018 (Todo el día) hasta Sábado, Septiembre 29, 2018 (Todo el día)