AVANT 2014: Found and Excavated

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The theme of the 11th edition of AVANT is Found and Excavated. Films, videos and live performances based on re-edited found footage, or films that have been going through processes of decay and destruction, film that is in constant transformation, aesthetically or politically.

Friday evening begins with a selection of films by the German collective Schmelzdahin and continues with a live performance of the film Materia Obscura, made by the film alchemist and former Schmelzdahin member Jürgen Reble and with live music by the multimedia artist Thomas Köner.

Saturday opens with four films by Matthias Müller and Christoph Girardet who have excavated new stories from well-known movies by re-editing and assembling them anew. After this follows a complete retrospective of the films by Schmelzdahin and a screening of Wolfgang Lehmann’s one hour long intense flickering journey into the fantastic world of nature documentaries. Saturday concludes with two programmes: The Spanish artist Maria Cañas’ political collages and a unique program with Soviet and Russian found footage film, curated by Masha Godovannaya.

During AVANT a selection of Maria Cañas’ videos will be exhibited in Westling/Thimar Gallery. The filmmakers and the artists are present during the screenings.

AVANT has been organized since 2002 and the 11th edition is arranged by Världsalltet and Film Studies at Karlstad University. “Found and Excavated” is sponsored by Karlstad University, Karlstad Municipality, Region Värmland and the Goethe-Institute.

For tickets go to www.avantfilm.se
Inquiries: [email protected]


Friday September 26th, Biograf/Cinema Arenan

- 19h - Opening
Schmelzdahin I (Jochen Lempert, Jürgen Reble & Jochen Müller)
- Stadt in Flammen (1984, 5 min)
- 15 Tage Fieber (1989, 14 min)
- Flamethrowers (1989, 4 min)
Live performance, by Jürgen Reble & Thomas Köner
- Materia Obscura (45 min)

Saturday September 26th, Biograf/Cinema Arenan

9:30h - Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet
- Locomotive (2008, 20 min)
- Meteor (2011, 15 min)
- Contre-jour (2009, 11 min)
- Cut (2013, 13 min)

11h - Wolfgang Lehmann
- Dragonflies with Birds and Snake (2012, 61 min)

13:30h - Schmelzdahin (Jochen Lempert, Jürgen Reble & Jochen Müller)
Schmelzdahin II
- In Diep Hust (1984, 5 min)
- Krepl (1988, 7 min)
- Schildmeyer Darlaten (1989, 9 min)
- Weltenempfänger (1984, 5 min)
- Exquisit Western (1989, 13 min)
Schmelzdahin III
- Aus den Algen (1986, 9 min)
- Weisspfennig (1988, 6 min)
- Der Trip (1986, 6 min)
- Der General (1987, 12 min)
- 50°45’ N – 7°9’ E (1983, 4 min)
- Rumpelstilzchen (1989, 14 min)

15:30h - Maria Cañas
- Holy Thriller (2011, 2 min) z
- God is Laughing in the Sky (2011, 2 min)
- The Perfect Pig (2006, 16 min)
- Kiss the Fire (2007, 6 min)
- Kiss the Murder (2008, 8 min)
- La Cosa Nuestra (2005, 15 min)

17h - A Feast in Time of Plague
Russian and Soviet found footage curated by Masha Godovannaya
- Boris Kazakov: The Nestlings Of The Sea (1996, 6 min)
- Yevgeny Yufit: Suicide Monsters (1988, 6 min)
- Masha Godovannaya: A Feast in Time of Plague (2014, 13 min)
- Kirilll Shuvalov and Vladimir Rannev: Room 3806 (2004, 5 min)
- Nodari Fedorov: Road of Life (2005, 12 min)
- Boris Kazakov: The Stakes (1999, 6 min)
- Yevgeny Yufit: Spring (1987, 10 min)
- Masha Godovannaya: Give Me Back The Propeller (2010, 19 min)
- Boris Kazakov: Alphabet (2004, 4 min)
- Irina Evteeva: A Horse, A Violin… And A Little Nervously (1993, 24 min)

20h - Mingle evening, Thimar/Westling Gallery
150 kr including wine and something small to eat.

During AVANT GALLERY THIMAR/WESTLING shows the exhibition “Of Archives and Animals”, videos by Maria Cañas.

The screenings at AVANT are free of charge but you need to register to get your ticket. Mingle evening is 100 SEK.
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Se repite cada día 2 veces.
Viernes, Septiembre 26, 2014 (Todo el día)
Sábado, Septiembre 27, 2014 (Todo el día)



Viernes, Septiembre 26, 2014 (Todo el día)
Sábado, Septiembre 27, 2014 (Todo el día)