Atelier 105 - Post-production residency for video - Second commission 2016

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In January 2015, Light Cone initiated artist residencies dedicated to video-based post-production of films that fall within the realm of experimental cinema, with the objective of supporting 10 to 15 projects per year. Atelier 105 is intended for short-, medium- or feature-length projects, which have completed shooting or are still in the production phase, and which are made with or without the backing of an independent production company. While the project must fall within the field of experimental cinema, no other criteria (format, theme, processing, length, nationality of filmmaker, etc) will be imposed. 

Equipment And Technical Assistance
Atelier 105 seeks to give filmmakers access to professional post-production facilities that are often out of their reach. A fully-equipped workspace located in Light Cone's premises gives artists access to an editing station, sound mixing software, a color- correction monitor, as well as dedicated computers for encoding video files and DCPs. This equipment has been chosen by professionals to allow filmmakers to have the best possible tools at their disposal. The filmmaker-in-residence also has full access to Light Cone's documentation center and screening room.

A technician specialized in editing, color-correction, and encoding is on hand to assist the filmmaker. Filmmakers are free to work alone or accompanied by their editors. At the beginning of the residency, our technician can offer training for Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, or Resolve. The filmmakers who have been selected are also able to consult with him in advance in order to select the shooting and editing formats that are most compatible with the available software.

Artistic Accompaniment

One of our primary goals is to facilitate exchange, to share experience and to create a productive working environment for filmmakers. Beyond technical, logistical and practical assistance, the Light Cone team (made up of filmmakers and/or programmers) also aims to offer artistic guidance and to put in place a genuine platform for experimental creation. Filmmakers are free to consult with our team (concerning technical or artistic issues as well as general advice) and to show them the different stages of the edit. 

In addition to this, the committee that selects the projects under the auspices of Light Cone's board of directors also has the required experience and knowledge to follow the progression of the films made during the residencies.

The selection committee is composed of 4 permanent Light Cone members:

  • Gisèle Rapp Meichler - President
  • Christophe Bichon - In charge of the Collection
  • Emmanuel Lefrant - Director
  • Eleni Gioti - Residency Coordinator

and two external members who are picked among the programmers or filmmakers working with Light Cone (their mandate cannot be renewed).
The external committee members for the second session of 2016 are:

  • Enrico Camporesi - Film Curator & Researcher
  • Brent Klinkum - Founder & Director of Transat Video

Atelier 105 welcomes the filmmaker into an alternative space for artistic creation based on experimentation and exchange. A Scratch/Atelier 105 program will be organized in early 2017 with a selection of the films produced during the 2016 residencies.

The films shown will be selected depending on their length, genre and how they connect to each other.

How To Apply?
Application's deadline for the second commission 2016 is June 30, 2016 at midnight.

The selected projects will be announced on Light Cone's website on Friday 15 July 2016.

To submit his project, the candidate must subscribe to the association by paying a fee of 25€. The candidate will then become a member of Light Cone and will have access for one year to the documentation center.

Commissions are closed after the reception of the 30th application. An announcement will be made on the Light Cone website indicating when the quota has been reached. 

Download the submission form

Send both a print and digital copy of your project proposal to Light Cone:

by email:
[email protected]

and by regular mail:
Light Cone
41 bis, Quai de la Loire
75 019 Paris

Incomplete applications or applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

Funded by the Région Ile-de-France

More Information:
[email protected]
tel. +33 (0)1 46 59 01 53



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