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This second year of ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival will have a special theme, Electoral Risk, which is trying to see how cinematic reading of democracy, activism, politics, and civil power today. Changes in geo-economic and global geo-political issue have changed so much our view of everyday reality, which also have shifted the order of social life.

Various socio-political events that show tendency of ‘civilian power’ occurred lately in the Middle Eastern countries, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, have questioned the meaning of democracy. The concept of democracy is adopted from the ‘West’, which means, the power is in the hands of people to determine all matters relating to the direction of their lives, in practice it is not going well. On the other hand, the development of technology, especially in media and information technology—cinema has become one of its parts, it has shown how the civil power ‘criticize’ state policies.

We consider the theme Electoral Risk very important to respond the current global situation. This theme tries to read how cinema translate, map, interpret and re-read democracy through the possibilities of visual experimentation which is openly wide to be explored, both in its form (aesthetic), modes of production, distribution, or even its role in capturing the ‘reality’ , exposing issues, and bringing the ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’.

The 2nd ARKIPEL film festival is the event for filmmakers to pouring thought, idea, and creativity regarding this year’s theme, Electoral Risk. Submission will be opened for three months to provide opportunities of broad interpretation of the film festival theme—the scope ranges from domestic to mass matters, because content and aesthetic experimentation is a political choice. Let your work be seen and heard.

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