Another eXperiment by Women Film Festival 2017 Call for Entries

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AXWFF is looking for experimental shorts made by WOMEN that present their own vision of movie making — we want to see something different and unique — challenge us to rethink what “experimental” means on your terms, outside of any standard form. By “film” we refer to a moving image, made with any media, that presents a transformative action or thought. Work that that has been shot by the artist and is under 20 minutes, has a better chance of being accepted as we have limited screening time. Occasionally AXW includes work made by men that has a feminist leaning of some sort or another.

If your submission is selected it will be screened at one of the NEW FILMMAKERS Women’s Night at Anthology Film Archives in NYC during 2017. There is no yearly calendar, and notice is given about 3 months in advance, so sign onto the mailing list for information about the screenings!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DEC 15, 2016. Submit your film here.

The film cannot appear in full on any publicly viewed internet site, until 2018.

If the film is under 15 minutes, there is a better chance it will get screened.

If your movie is not in English you should provide subtitles.

Each submitted work has to be labeled specifying title, artist and running time.

Work should be submitted as an online link— Please indicate the web address and phone number in your email.

  1. If you are selected, you must provide a link for streaming in Anthology’s theatre setting.
  2. We may possibly ask for a  playable DVD disk or Blue ray which should have no menu and start instantly. It should be mailed to an address that will be provided in our e-mail response to you.
  3. Program notes on paper are available at the Festival Event, and remain on-line in our Archive.
  4. Official submission: Up to 2 works can be submitted for a $10 donation.
  5. We also curate shows for purchase, paying the filmmaker instantly, on our streaming site:
    These works are culled from all submissions. If you do not want your work to be considered for streaming, it does not affect our decision to curate your work into the live shows.



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