Another Experiment By Women Film Festival

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Another Experiment By Women Film Festival

Another Experiment by Women Film Festival promotes and screens moving images in any media, made by women, that encourage critical thinking and dialogue. Our 4th season of screenings begins with our 1st show:
We’Re Part Of The Landscape; TRT:56 min; Curated by Lili White;

The show, previously scheduled for this date, From The Road, will screen in May, when Elizabeth Henry can join us in person.

Works featured:

- Landscape_1 Landscape_2.0 (Rrose Present, Spain, 2012, Digi, 6:14)
- On The Train To Kutná Hora... And Back (Ann Levy, USA, 2013, Digi, 8.00)
- Danube Treasures (Ada Kobusiewicz, Serbia/Austria, 2013, Digi, 4.52)
- Gelost (solved) (Stefanie Weberhofer, Austria, 2014, Digi, 2.05)
- Ludwig’s Tape (Claudia Siefen, Austria, 2014, Digi, 20.51)
- Stray (Chairun Nissa, Indonesia, 2012, Digi, 6:48)
- Borderlines (Jessica Ann, USA, 2011, looped film: running time 6 minutes)
- Lost In A Glass Of Water (Cinzia Sarto, Italy, 2013, Digi, 2.00)

Can't make it to the show? This show will be streamed on!



Imagen de Claudia Siefen



TEASER Ludwig's Tape: 

(with: Barry Currid, Kevin Lutz. C: Sebastian Postl; E: Christine Dériaz)




Miércoles, Marzo 25, 2015 - 18:00
  • 32 2nd Avenue
    10003   New York, Nueva York
    Estados Unidos
    40° 43' 28.8084" N, 73° 59' 24.4356" W