• Focus on Film: Study Day on Artists' Film and Video in Scotland

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    Focus on Film: Study Day on Artists' Film and Video in Scotland
    Saturday, November 7th 2009, 9:30 - 16:30
    Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex, The Mound, Edinburgh

    Organised in collaboration with the National Galleries of Scotland, this lively and informative study day brings together past, present and future perspectives on artists’ film and video in Scotland. It celebrates the Dean Gallery’s current exhibition ‘RunningTime: Artist Films in Scotland 1960 to Now’.

    The programme features presentationsand discussions by Francis McKee, George Clark, Stephen Partridge,Bryony McIntyre and David Curtis, with talks and screenings by the artists Dalziel & Scullion and Matt Hulse. More details can be found on the Diversions website (www.diversionsfilmfestival.co.uk).

    This is a free event. To register please contact [email protected] with your name, organisation,email address and telephone number.


  • Lichtspiel: Contemporary Abstract Animation and Visual Music

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    Lichtspiel: Contemporary Abstract Animation and Visual Music

    Tuesday, November 3rd 2009, 20:30 - 22:30

    631 W 2nd Street
    Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles premieres. Co-presented with Center for Visual Music

    “Joost Rekveld has provided an undeniable masterpiece with #37.” International Film Festival Rotterdam

    This ravishing “play of light” explores rhythmic abstractions in the cinematic tradition of Oskar Fischinger and visual music animation. The centerpiece of the program is the Los Angeles debut of Joost Rekveld’s #37 (Netherlands, 2009, 31 min., 35mm CinemaScope), a stunningly beautiful study of the propagation and diffraction of light through crystalline structures. Sure to bend more than a few minds, the lineup also offers award-winning animated shorts from around the world, most of which are screening in L.A. for the first time. Featured artists include Scott Draves, Robert Seidel, Steven Woloshen, Bärbel Neubauer, Thorsten Fleisch, Bret Battey, Michael Scroggins, Samantha Krukowski, Mondi, Devon Damonte, Scott Nyerges, Vivek Patel and Yusuke Nakajima. Plus the final film by the late CGI wizard Richard “Doc” Baily.

    In person: Joost Rekveld

    Curated by Center for Visual Music with Steve Anker.

    Tickets and more information at http://www.redcat.org/event/lichtspiel


  • Scratch Projection: Materia Obscura

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    Scratch Projection
    Jürgen Reble: Materia Obscura
    Tuesday 03 November 2009, 20:30h, 6€

    This work is based on some excerpts of the film "Instabile Materie" which I realized in 1995. Sorce material were handprocessed 16mm film stripes which I covered with chemicals. In this so called "chemograms" the used substances mostly salts became moulding shapes. Years later I digitized parts of the film frame by frame in high resolution and started with the computer to slow down the speed just to analyse the sequence of events. So arose a morphology of the film emulsion with the embeded substances and a bizarre, strange world full of magic revealed.


    Cinéma Action Christine
    4, rue Christine
    75006 Paris


  • Directors lounge: Antipodean Reactions

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    Directors lounge monthly screenings
    Antipodean Reactions
    Film Reports from the Deep South
    Chris Henschke and Donna Kendrigan

    Thursday, 29 Oct. 2009 at 21:00

    Bergstraße 2
    10115 Berlin-Mitte

    Tonight, we will experience two very different aspects of Australian culture:
    Art meets science in the works of Chris Henschke and Donna Kendrigan, Australian artists from Melbourne. Donna recreated the first metereological cloud formation experiment in front of her camera. Chris inserted a lightbulb into the beams of a particle accelerator during his residency at the Australian Synchrotron, and documented the effects. The results of these experiments will be presented at the screening. However, Donna and Chris also have a very different interest. This will be shown in the second part of the night.

    "Deep South" is a montage of shorts and features from the southern end of the Australian continent. A selection of degenerate yet distinctive moments in Australian film starting from 1906, paints an unashamedly unglamorous and unfamiliar portrait of Australia for the European audience - a new anti-touristic angle on Australia as opposed to the usual image of a fun and friendly holiday destination.

    The artists are personally introducing the films and will be present for Q&A after the

    Artists' Link:

    More infos:


  • LFF: Hollis Frampton / Film Ist repeat screenings 29 Oct 09

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    The London Film Festival has just added repeat screenings of Gustav  Deutsch's FILM IST. A GIRL AND A GUN and the HOLLIS FRAMPTON: HAPAX  LEGOMENA programme. Tickets are on sale now.

    London BFI Southbank
    Thursday 29 October 2009, at 4pm, NFT2

    FILM IST. a girl & a gun
    Gustav Deutsch | Austria 2009 | 97 min

    Taking its cue from DW Griffith via J-L Godard, the latest instalment  of the FILM IST series is a five-act drama in which reclaimed footage  is interwoven with aphorisms from ancient Greek philosophy. Beginning  with the birth of the universe, it develops into a meditation on the  timeless themes of sex and death, exploring creation, desire and  destruction by appropriating scenes from narrative features, war  reportage, nature studies and pornography. The Earth takes shape from  molten lava, and man and woman embark upon their erotic quest. For  this mesmerising epic, Deutsch applies techniques of montage, sound  and colour to resources drawn from both conventional film archives and  specialist collections such as the Kinsey Institute and Imperial War  Museum. Excavating cinema history to tease new meanings from diverse  and forgotten film material, he proposes new perspectives on the cycle 
    of humanity. The film’s integral score by long-term collaborators  Christian Fennesz, Burkhardt Stangl and Martin Siewert incorporates  music by David Grubbs, Soap&Skin and others.

    Tickets: £7 / £6 concessions


    Thursday 29 October 2009, at 6:30pm, NFT3

    Hollis Frampton, a key figure of the American avant-garde, was an  artist and theoretician whose practice closely resonates with  contemporary discourse. The series of seven films known as HAPAX  LEGOMENA is, alongside ZORNS LEMMA, one of his most distinguished  achievements, and will be presented in its entirety on new  preservation prints. Predating MAGELLAN, the ambitious ‘metahistory’ 
    of film left unfinished by his early death in 1984, HAPAX LEGOMENA  traces Frampton’s own creative progression from photographer to  filmmaker. It dissects sound/image relationships, incorporates early  explorations of video and television, and looks forward to digital  media and electronic processes. Though notoriously rigorous,  Frampton’s films are infused with poetic tendencies and erudite wit, 
    sustaining a dialogue with the materials of their making, and the  viewer’s active participation in their reception.

    ‘Hapax legomena are, literally, ‘things said once’ … The title  brackets a cycle of seven films, which make up a single work composed  of detachable parts … The work is an oblique autobiography, seen in  stereoscopic focus with the phylogeny of film art as I have had to  recapitulate it during my own fitful development as a  filmmaker.’ (Hollis Frampton)

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1971 | 36 min
    As a sequence of photographs is presented and slowly burned, a narrator recounts displaced anecdotes related to their production,  shifting the relationship between words and images.

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1972 | 31 min
    A ‘film for the mind’ in which the script is displayed page by page  for the viewer to read and imagine.

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1971 | 16 min
    Frampton’s radical editing technique disrupts and amplifies the  already impassioned argument of a quarrelling couple.

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1971 | 34 min
    ‘The pivot upon which the whole of HAPAX LEGOMENA turns’ uses early  video technology to interrogate the image.

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1972 | 36 min
    This ‘headlong dive’ from the Brooklyn Bridge to Stonehenge is a burst  of exhilarated consciousness.

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1972 | 29 min
    ‘A ‘baroque’ summary of film’s historic internal conflicts, chiefly  those between narrative and metric/plastic montage; and between  illusionist and graphic space.’

    Hollis Frampton | USA 1972 | 11 min
    Stripping away content leaves only the frame. ‘People this given  space, if you will, with images of your own devising.’

    HAPAX LEGOMENA has been preserved through a major cooperative effort  funded by the National Film Preservation Foundation and undertaken by  Anthology Film Archives, MoMA, the New York University Moving Image  Archiving and Preservation Program, and project conservator Bill Brand.

    Tickets: £9



    BFI Southbank
    Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XT
    Nearest Tube: Waterloo / Embankment

    Box office: 020 7928 3232
    Book online or in person at BFI Southbank

    If all advance tickets for screenings are sold out, keep trying for  daily late ticket releases.
    Tickets are held back for delegates so it is often possible to get tickets at the last minute, or queue for returns.


  • Light Reading Series 9: James Holcombe & Adam Asnan with Steven Ball

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    James Holcombe & Adam Asnan with Steven Ball
    London Light Reading
    Wednesday 28 October 2009, at 7pm

    Light Reading’s ninth series continues with a screening of recent works by artist James Holcombe performed collaboratively with artist Adam Asnan. no.w.here’s project space will be transformed into an intimately immersive space where the works will use its potential to construct an encounter with them as well as enabling critical debate and discussion. Holcombe will present seven works including LEY FARM (2001-2009), CHAMPION FIX (2009), LOMO/JOBO (2009), GRIM’S DYKE 2 (2008), GRAIN TOWER (2006-2007), A PECK OF DUST (2006-2008) and HANGER LANE HERACLEUM MANTEGAZZIANUM (2001-2004). Artist Steven Ball has been invited to respond to the works; to question and provoke dialogue and discussion that will form a bridge between an encounter with the works and a critical dialogue with the audience.


  • HEP – International Video Art at the José Malhoa Museum

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    HEP-MalhoaHuman Emotion Video Installation:
    20-25 October 2009, 10h00 – 12h30 | 14h00 – 17h00

    Presentation | Vídeo Projection:
    22 October 2009, 21h00h - 24h00

    A group of creative authors from the most varied geographical and cultural ground outfitted with the infinite possibility of video art express the complex strength that identifies us as human beings: the emotions. Provided by the exquisite extensive video collection of the Human Emotion Project, founded and directed by the South African artist Alison Williams, a roll of forty works selected by the Portuguese commissioner of the HEP group will compose an eclectic audiovisual program to be held at the José Malhoa Museum from 20 to 25th October, with a special gathering in the evening of 22nd of October of 2009.

    The evening session of 22nd October will be lighten by the accredited Art Professor and Filmmaker Fernando Galrito as guest speaker and also by the inclusion in the screening program of student works from of the High School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR) that this way are associated to the event.

    The presentation evening hosted by the José Malhoa Museum of the Museums and Conservation Institute (MJM-IMC.IP), in partnership with the Human Emotion Project (HEP) and the High School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (IPLESAD. CR) will take place at 21h00h and will be extended up to the 24h00.
    During the entire schedule of the Human Emotions Video Art event (from 20 to 25 October) all works selected (HEP and ESAD.CR) will be rolling in the Multimedia Room in a rotational format at the opening hours of the museum.


  • Oporto apresenta #16: Saugus Series

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    Oporto apresenta #16: Saugus Series"Saugus Series" by Pat O'Neill

    16 mm, color, sound, 18', 1974
    Saw: Chris Casady; Key: Morton Subotnick; Blue Paint: 7-K Color Co; Mix: Don Worthen

    There is no parallel to Pat O'Neill's sui generis approach to film. With him the medium fully attained the realm of fine arts.
    O'Neill is a master of the combinatory work, a collage expert and an elegant frame composer. His films are uncanny essays, breaking down technical boundaries and viewers' assumptions. In Saugus Series the artist aligned seven short films, united by a common soundtrack. "Each film is an evolving "still life," made up of meticulously assembled but spatially contradictory elements "

    "a capricious cognitive conundrum" - Alexandre Estrela


  • Audio Visual: Book launch and free screening

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    Audio.VisualAudio.Visual: Book launch and free screening
    London no.w.here
    Saturday 17 October 2009, at 8pm

    Cornelia and Holger Lund will present their publication "Audio.Visual", exploring the subject of visual music and the interplay of cutting-edge media. The publication is a result of the project “Visual Music” (2007-08), conceived by the media art gallery "fluctuating images" in Germany. The book and DVD includes what is happening in new media, from the experimental sector to the club scene. The texts and illustrations are intended to introduce visual music from a great many angles, including the perspectives of musicians, artists, curators, festival directors and software developers.

    This free launch event is accompanied by a screening of selected works by Mary Ellen Bute, Boulez Republic Grand Ensemble, Pfadfinderei/Modeselektor, Paul Mumford, Philipp Geist, Bruce McClure and others.

    For more information on the project see www.fluctuating-images.de


    3rd Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG
    Nearest Tube / Train: Bethnal Green

    Free admission on a first come, first served basis.


  • Exquisite Corpse Video Project vol 2

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    Exquisite Corpse Video Project vol 2ECVP vol.2 - Screening, talk and Q&A.
    Tuesday, October 8, 2009, 19:00-22:00h
    Kraljevica Marka street,
    Belgrade, Serbia

    The ECVP [Exquisite Corpse Video Project] is a video collaboration collaboration project inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the "Exquisite Corpse". The project is coordinated by the Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela and currently has 63 participating artists from 21 different countries.