• Directors Lounge Berlin at PICTURA (Dordrecht)

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    Exhibition: 6-14 June 2009
    Screening: Friday 12 June 2009

    Jens Lüstraeten – 15 Minutes of Fame – DE 2007 15mins DV Loop
    Zhenchen Liu –  Under Construction - F 2007 10mins  – DV Loop
    Ian Flitman – Hackney Girl – UK 2008, Flash Movie
    Jani Ruscica – Batbox, Beatbox –  FIN 2008, Double projection on free hanging screen from two sides
    Lucia Nimcova – Exercise SK 2007 5:54 min
    Eytan Heller – Love Sum Game IL 2006; 4:30 min

    Charlotte Ginsborg - The Mirroring Cure UK 2006  27 min
    Caecilia Tripp US 2004  – The Making of Americans USA 18:42 min - In cooperation with Rattapallax, New York
    Ben Russell - Black and White Trypps #3 - USA, 2007; 11min
    Masha Godovannaya - Untitled No.1 RUS 2005, 4 min super8 on video,
    Telemach Wiesinger - Augenblicke #26, 41 u. 48 , DE 2008, 10 min
    Andreas Rost - Solo für Ramallah DE 2005 5 min, DV
    Berit Hummel – Weites Land, 10:38, DE 2007, HDTV,

    Selection of Berlin International Directors Lounge
    Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

    Directors Lounge Berlin at Pictura in Dordrecht

    PICTURA, one of the oldest artist organizations in Holland has her own Directors Lounge, which in fact, was inspired by Directors Lounge Berlin. A visit of the director of PICTURA, Jeanne van der Horst at Directors Lounge 2009 in Berlin gave the inspiration for a visit and presentation in Dordrecht.

    On this occasion, and in the tradition of Directors Lounge both in Berlin and Dordrecht, the curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr put together a program with an emphasis in his field of attention, Urban Research. The selection was drawn from the main program of Directors Lounge, from his own program Urban Research, and from the program of Rattapallax, New York. Directors Lounge, which had its fifth anniversary this year, has actually become quite influenced by the theme of Urban Research, which is part of the program for now 3 years. On the other hand, Directors Lounge’s mission, to be an open platform and to bring together media arts, video installation and experimental film, genres, which have been well established in arts but separated for decades will be well presented through this exhibition and screening at PICTURA.
    (Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

    Artist Organisation
    Voorstraat 190


  • Tank TV: Thomas Hirschhorn June 8-30

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    Now Showing: Thomas Hirschhorn
    8th - 30th June 2009

    tank.tv is extremely pleased to collaborate with Thomas Hirschhorn on his ‘Bijlmer Spinoza Festival’.
    New videos from the festival, created by Thomas Hirschhorn and the Bijilmer community, will be uploaded daily to www.tank.tv.

    This is an art-project in complete exaggeration, in overcapacity but also in love : in the love for art, the love for philosophy and the love for working for a “non-exclusive audience”.
    Thomas Hirschhorn

    See the daily changing show here.

    For more information please visit www.thebijlmerspinozafestival.nl


  • Nicky Hamlyn, London 16 & 25-26 June

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    Reverberations # 4: Nicky Hamlyn
    Tuesday 16 June 2009, from 7pm

    In the fourth edition of our Reverberations series, presented as part of "Cut & Splice: Living Rooms", renowned UK artist and writer Nicky Hamlyn will critique his locational approach to filmmaking though a talk, film screening and new expanded film/sound performance with Conor Kelly.

    Using sound and 16mm film recorded and developed prior to, and during the evening, Hamlyn and Kelly's performance will use the site-specificity of Wilton's Music Hall to address questions of time and recording, representation and presentation.The evening will also include a screening of 'room films' selected by Hamlyn including work by Peter Gidal and Vincent Grenier.

    Professor Nicky Hamlyn studied fine art at Reading University and has made over forty films, videos and installations since then. His films have been shown at festivals and screenings around the world and his book Film Art Phenomena was published by the BFI in 2003. He is senior lecturer in Video Arts Production and Visual Theory at University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. His recent work has been concerned with exploring and trying to refine the relationship between the camera and its profilmic.

    Conor Kelly is an artist who has made a number of site-specific installations that have been shown internationally at various spaces and galleries. His work explores the fundamental relationship between sound and video image; the visual recording of the physical world often being used as a template for the production of a musical or sound-based score. He is senior lecturer in Photography and Video Arts at University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone. He is represented by Green On Red Gallery, Dublin.


    Wilton's Music Hall
    Graces Alley, off Ensign Street, London, E1 8JB
    Nearest Tube: Tower Hill / Aldgate East

    FREE admission, booking essential.
    Telephone: 020 7729 4494
    Email: <[email protected]>


    Nicky Hamlyn Workshop: Room Films
    Thursday 25 & Friday 26 June 2009, from 10.30am to 4.30pm

    Taking its cue from Hamlyn's Reverberations event, this two-day practical workshop with the artist will take a look at his locational approach to filmmaking by investigating and experimenting with the notion of 'room films'. The spatial and psychological dimensions of interior spaces and rooms have been an enduring subject of many experimental filmmakers including Hamlyn himself, Peter Gidal, Mirza/Butler, Vincent Grenier and Michael Snow.

    Participants will learn how to operate a Bolex 16mm camera from one of the masters of the medium and will experiment with the way it may be used as a thinking tool to explore interior space. They will then go on to look at how their footage can be shaped further in the lab through the creative and unconventional use of no.w.here's contact printer - a machine commonly used to create graded 16mm film prints.

    All materials will be provided in the cost, and no prior experience is necessary.


    316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG
    Nearest Tube: Bethnal Green

    Fee: £80 / £60 members & concessions
    Telephone: 020 7729 4494
    Email: <[email protected]>



  • Robert Beavers - London June 2

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    Robert Beavers
    London Birkbeck Cinema
    Tuesday 2 June 2009, at 7pm

    Please join us for a rare screening of Robert Beavers’ films, which will be followed by a Q&A with the artist.

    “Robert Beavers has created a body of poetic work that is meticulously composed, yet sensuous and astoundingly beautiful. Shot largely in Italy and Greece and then edited in Switzerland, Beavers’ elegantly lyrical films draw on European landscape, art, and architecture to deeply explore aural and visual perception and the filmic medium itself. Musical, metaphorical, and magical, these films aspire to convey, as the artist says, ‘the serenity of a thought without words.’” (Kathy Geritz, Pacific Film Archive)

    - Early Monthly Segments
    Robert Beavers, 1968-70/2002, 16mm, colour, silent, 33 minutes
    Filmed in Switzerland, West Berlin, and Greece.
    “EARLY MONTHLY SEGMENTS collects studies shot between 1968 and 1970 and was completed in 2002 (this unhurried artist finishes pieces over a span of decades). In it, he begins to articulate his distinct cinematic lexicon: close examinations of Mediterranean light, the elaborate use of mattes and colour filters as cinematic punctuation, associative editing and visual rhymes, and a variety of in-camera effects.” (Ed Halter, Village Voice)

    - The Stoas
    Robert Beavers, 1991-97, 16mm, colour, sound, 22 minutes
    Filmed in Greece (Athens & Gortynia)
    “THE STOAS commences as a beige-brown study in haunted urban space: the back alley of some anonymous metropolis, its rusted metal infrastructure and cardboard detritus. Partway in, sunlit green washes over the frame, as the setting shifts to a lush mountain stream. Splendours of light, leaf and running water dazzle the eye, while an ancient stone bridge reiterates Beavers’ pull toward the past and his penchant for half circle shapes. Interspersed throughout is an emblematic image: a pair of hands lit up in the foreground of utter darkness. They make a gesture of movement, one over the other, and a sign of measure, empty space held between. Whatever else it says, THE STOAS is a hushed testament to the adventure of consciousness, the eternal drama of perception, selection, patience and skill.” (Nathan Lee, The New York Sun)

    - Pitcher Of Colored Light
    Robert Beavers, 2000-07, 16mm, colour, sound, 23 minutes
    Filmed in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
    “I have filmed my mother’s house and her garden. The shadows play an essential part in the mixture of loneliness and peace that exists here. The seasons move from the garden into the house, projecting rich diagonals in the early morning or late afternoon. Each shadow is a subtle balance of stillness and movement and shows the vital instability of space. Its special quality opens a passage to the subjective. A voice within the film speaks to memory. The walls are screens through which I pass to the inhabited privacy. We experience a place through the perspective of where we come from and hear another’s voice through our own acoustic. The sense of place is never separate from the moment.” (Robert Beavers)


    Birkbeck Cinema
    41-43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD
    Nearest Tube: Euston / Euston Square / Russell Square

    Tickets: £3, email <[email protected]> to reserve
    Free admission to Birkbeck students



  • Clive Holden's Utopia Suite - June 5-27

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    WNDX, in collaboration with PLATFORM, presents Clive Holden's UTOPIA SUITE DISCO - Fri June 5 to Sat June 27 (admission is free and all are welcome)




    CLIVE HOLDEN ARTIST TALK Saturday June 6 at 2 PM at Cinematheque (100 Arthur)


    Plus, on Thursday June 4 at 7 PM, Clive Holden will introduce Astra Taylor's "Examined Life" at Cinematheque. This film is an invigorating exploration of the driving forces behind contemporary philosophy. (Plays with Holden's short diptych "Mean", which is a part of the greater UTOPIA SUITE)


    Participate in Y.O.U.: YOUR OWN UTOPIA Q: What would Manitoba look like today if Louis Riel had succeeded? http://you.utopiasuite.com/


    Writer, filmmaker (Trains of Winnipeg), vernacular philosopher and visual artist Clive Holden has fashioned a utopia machine entitled UTOPIA SUITE DISCO - a 'suite' of short stories and quasi-fictional essays, short films, cinema based art installations, visual music, photo booklets and utopian lectures.

    UTOPIA SUITE is a multi-year project which began with two launch events in 2008, in Toronto at Images Festival and in Amsterdam in a co-presentation by the Holland Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The core conceit at the heart of UTOPIA SUITE is that hope (utopianism) begets movement (cinema) which begets hope and so on, creating positive cycles.

    The utopian space created by the project and the utopian conversation the project foments, are considered very much a part of the project. A central area of exploration in Utopia Suite is the relationship between still and moving images, especially their cultures and conversations. In a time of rapid change with many new lenses and therefore new perspectives, what can each culture learn from each other?

    Clive Holden's main UTOPIA SUITE project collaborator is Rotterdam-based composer Oscar van Dillen. Their work focuses on another formal goal of the project: to experiment with cinema as music, to hear moving images as much as see them and to learn more about film's next phase through music. This imaginative film/video installation comments on and challenges the notion of utopia.


    WNDX acknowledges the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council and PLATFORM Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts for enabling us to bring this program to Winnipeg.

    We also acknowlege the ongoing support of the Canada Council for the Arts, as well as the Winnipeg Film Group.




  • Tank tv: Alice Anderson 15th May - 7th June

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    Prompt Book (Alice ANderson, 2005)

    Tank.tv : Alice Anderson 15th May - 7th June

    “Years after years I’m constructing a “Perpetual Novel”. All my work is an autobiographical fiction that I developed over time. Most of my works (sculptures, drawings, films) deals with the notion of Time, which is the canvas of Memory and we all know that memory is “THE” master piece of fiction…”
    Interview with Gillian Mc Iver for ARTSPEAK 2009

    Films on tank.tv:
    “The Dolls' Day” / A girl without a name goes back into her parents' past to seek revenge, 2008.
    “Bluebeard” / A blue-bearded woman falls in love with a young man attached to his mother by a cord, 2007.
    “Recollection” / A mother punishes her daughter in a tower called Melancholia, 2006.
    “Prompt Book” / A mother suggests her daughter jump out of the window, 2005.
    “The Idiot Of Evenville” / A 12 year old girl poisoning her parents, 2004.
    Alice Anderson's Journal / ongoing series, 2005

    See the works by Alice Anderson here.


  • 1st Caszuidas Urban Screen Festival

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    1st Caszuidas Urban Screen Festival

    September 4 - 5, 2009  –  Zuidas, Amsterdam

    On Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of September 2009, the CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival is taking place in Amsterdam. The CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival is a new international festival specially aimed at artworks for urban screens. The focal point of the festival is the contemporary art screen CASZ, which has graced the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s new office and residential district, since October 2007. With its mix of 80% art and 20% art-related programming and advertising, CASZ is unique in the world. The screen runs from six o’clock in the morning until twelve o’clock at night; the art it shows is part of daily life in the public space of the Zuidplein in Zuidas, Amsterdam.

    Up until now, CASZ’s continuous programming has consisted of existing video work. For the first time, the festival is offering you an opportunity to make new work specifically tailored to the possibilities of this public display platform. CASZ is meant for a large, diverse audience of local and (inter)national enthusiasts as well as workers, neighborhood residents and a daily throng of train and metro travelers.

    We would like to invite you to participate and send us your contribution specially made for urban screens on a DVD. The winner, chosen by a jury of professionals, will receive €5000. The festival also has an audience award of €1000.

    – the deadline for entries is July 20, 2009
    – there are no requirements as to length and subject matter; however, the works must be suitable for screening in public space.
    – seeing as artworks on urban screens generally are shown without sound or, as in the case of CASZ, with the possibility of phoning in, we ask you to take these limited sound conditions into account. During the festival, the works will be shown with amplified sound.
    – for other entry requirements, please see the enclosed entry form below

    Please download your entry form here

    Should you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

    We look forward to receiving your submissions.

    Jan Schuijren – CASZUIDAS curator
    Marina de Vries – project leader, CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival
    Sara Bjarland – coordinator, CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival

    CASZuidas is an initiative of Virtueel Museum Zuidas (VMZ) and stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (SKOR - Art and Public Space)


  • Los Angeles Filmforum - “Dialogues” by Owen Land

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    Sunday May 31, 2009, 7:30 pm

    Los Angeles Filmforum presents
    Dialogues, by Owen Land – Los Angeles Premiere! Owen Land in person.
    At the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

    Filmforum is delighted to welcome back legendary filmmaker Owen Land (formerly known as George Landow) for the official Los Angeles premiere of his newest work DIALOGUES.


    On one level, DIALOGUES (2009, 133 minutes, video) is a parody of Scorpio Rising, using era-specific hit records to locate scenes in time; on another level, it’s an interpretation of Plato’s dialogue ‘Phaedo’, in which Socrates proves the doctrine of re-incarnation; on still another level, it is a polemic for the Tantric belief in the sacredness of male-female polarity in the form of thirty “Platonic Dialogues.” Rated R: Restricted to audiences with a knowledge of Art History. – Owen Land

    Dialogues - The Urge To Merge

    Dialogues - The Urge To Merge

    Dialogues is a feature-length self-reflexive experimental film by Apollo Jize (aka Owen Land) with music by the American Buddhist composer Meredith Monk, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers, New York:

    It was raining torrents in Torrance
    But she had no rain insurance
    She said to a molester
    I’ll go back to Westchester
    It never rains at Sarah Lawrence
    But, alas, she finally went bonkers
    Because it was raining in Yonkers
    – Owen Land

    More details at LA filmforum's blog.


  • Larry Gottheim screenings - London 26 & 28 May

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    Larry Gottheim - FoglineThese two programmes survey the trailblazing career of one of America’s foremost avant-garde masters.

    Larry Gottheim: Programme 1
    Tuesday 26 May 2009 at 7pm

    - Fog Line
    - Doorway
    - Horizons (Elective Affinities I)
    - Mouches Volantes (Elective Affinities II)
    - The Opening (excerpt from work-in-progress, Chants & Dances for Hand)

    Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB (Nearest Tube / Train: Bethnal Green). 
    Tickets: £7 / £5 concessions & Close-Up members. 
    Telephone: 020 7739 7170.


    Larry Gottheim: Programme 2

    Thursday 28 May 2009 at 7pm

    - Blues
    - Tree of Knowledge (Elective Affinities IV)

    no.w.here, 3rd Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG (Nearest Tube / Train: Bethnal Green). 
    Tickets: £5 door / £4 advance / £3 students & no.w.here members.
    Telephone: 020 7729 4494.

    Email: [email protected]



  • Light Industry: Kevin Jerome Everson, May 18

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    Light Industry
    Films by Kevin Jerome Everson
    220 36th Street, 5th Floor
    Brooklyn, New York
    Monday, May 18, 2009 at 7:30pm

    Grounded in historical research and a strong sense of place, Kevin Jerome Everson¹s films and videos combine documentary and scripted elements with a sparse, rugged formalism. His ongoing subject matter is the lives of African Americans and other people of African descent, often working class, but he eschews standard realism in favor of strategies that abstract everyday actions and statements into theatrical gestures: archival footage is re-edited or re-staged, real people perform fictional scenarios based on their own lives, historical observations intermesh with contemporary narratives. His films suggest the relentlessness of everyday life?along with its beauty?but also present oblique metaphors for art-making.

    Many of his works return to Mansfield, Ohio, where Everson was born and raised. The community's past is examined in Company Line, in which city employee Curley Lanier explains why he and his family left Alabama in the late 1950s to migrate North: ³To do better?I guess.² The remarks betray a sense of deep ambivalence about the promises of upward mobility in America that runs through this collection of recent projects; fifty years later, the people of Mansfield still aren¹t sure what ³better² means.

    - Company Line, 2009, 30 mins
    - Lead, 2009, 3 mins
    - North, 2007, 2 mins
    - Second and Lee, 2008, 3 mins
    - Fifeville, 2005, 14 mins
    - Ike, 2008, 3 mins
    - Undefeated, 2008, 2 mins
    - The Reverend E. Randall T. Osborn, First Cousin, 2007, 3 mins
    - Home, 2008, 2 mins
    - The Wilbur, 2008, 2 mins
    - Two-Week Vacation, 2005, 1 min
    - Honorable Mention, 2009, 2 mins
    among others.

    Followed by a conversation with Everson and Michael Gillespie.

    Born in 1965, Everson now lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia. Everson¹s artwork and films has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Studio Museum in Harlem; the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; Whitechapel Gallery in London; the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art; Wurttenbergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany; the Spaces Gallery in Cleveland; the American Academy of Rome in Italy, the Sundance Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Cinematexas, Ann Arbor Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, and many other venues worldwide. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a NEA Fellowship, two NEH Fellowships, two Ohio Arts Council Fellowships, an American Academy Rome Prize, residencies at Yaddo and MacDowell Colony and numerous university fellowships.

    Tickets - $7, available at door.

    About Light Industry

    Light Industry is a venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New York. Developed and overseen by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter, the project has begun as a series of events at Industry City in Sunset Park, each organized by a different artist, critic, or curator. Conceptually, Light Industry draws equal inspiration from the long history of alternative art spaces in New York as well its storied tradition of cinematheques and other intrepid film exhibitors. Through a regular program of screenings, performances, and lectures, its goal is to explore new models for the presentation of time-based media and foster an ongoing dialogue amongst a wide range of artists and audiences within the city.

    About Industry City

    Industry City, an industrial complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is home to a cross-section of manufacturing, warehousing and light industry. As part of a regeneration program intended to diversify the use of its 6 million square feet of space to better reflect 21st century production, Industry City now includes workspace for artists. In addition to offering studios at competitive rates, Industry City also provides a limited number of low-cost studios for artists in need of reasonably priced space. This program was conceived in response to the lack of affordable workspace for artists in New York City and aims to establish a new paradigm for industrial redevelopment--one that does not displace artists, workers, local residents or industry but instead builds a sustainable community in a context that integrates cultural and industrial production. For more information: