• Northwest Film Forum: Animated Art

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    Animated Art
    Northwest Film Forum
    Thursday, Jan 07 at 07:00PM
    1515 12th Avenue, Seattle, Wyoming, USA

    Rethinking the boundaries of animation, visual art and experimental filmmaking, this program of films by mostly local talent brings together artists working in different disciplines that are rarely shown together.

    Includes works by; Jon Behrens, Cathy McClure, Martha Colburn, Matthew Cox, Webster Crowell, Stefan Gruber, Salise Hughes, Britta Johnson, Sarah Jane Lapp, Davis Limbach, Tess Martin, Jeffry Mitchell, Amanda Moore, Clyde Peterson, Friese Undine, Drew Christie. Tommy Thompson and Brent Watanabe.


  • Video Pool presents Dominic Gagnon’s Rip in Pieces America

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    Video Pool presents Dominic Gagnon’s Rip in Pieces America

    December 7, 2009 – January 8, 2010
    Video Pool Studio – 3rd Floor, 100 Arthur St (Artspace building), Winnipeg, Canada
    Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 4:00

    Video Pool is very excited to present the North American premiere of Dominic Gagnon’s Rip in Pieces America, a feature-length, single-channel projection of banned homemade short videos.

    As Gagnon watched video on the Internet, he noticed that certain homemade clips were flagged for their content. As they were disappearing from free hosting sites, he started to save and edit them in a capsule format. Working in a gray zone of copyright law, Gagnon’s collection and grouping of the videos acts as a means of contextualization and preservation.

    Dominic Gagnon is an inventor, director, installer and active performer. He considers cinema as a technique for measuring the immeasurable or as a discipline of chaos. Since 1996, he has made public presentations of moving images and installations, invented machines and concepts, and performed sound works at galleries, festivals and biennials around the world. His recent work, Rip in Pieces America, premiered at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


  • The Sixth Annual Brakhage Symposium

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    The Sixth Annual Brakhage Symposium
    A Weekend of Short Works Programs, Lectures, and Discussions
    March 12, 13, and 14, 2010
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    New Visual Arts Complex

    A weekend dedicated to the exploration of new ideas in cinema. Guest curator Ed Halter explores the role of repetition/reuse/and the remake in contemporary artists¹ works. CU faculty Christina Battle and Jennifer Peterson investigate the relationship of the amateur and the Avant-Garde.

    Presenters will include Annette Michelson and Andy Lampert. There will also be a program of home movies from the collection of the Academy Film Archive, presented by archivist Lynne Kirste, as well as a number of short works programs (films, videos, and installations).

    More details will be posted in early January. Stay tuned for more information!
    contact: Don Yannacito and Eric Coombs for more information. Info about past symposia here.

    Sponsors of the 2010 Brakhage Symposium include:
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the William H. Donner Foundation and the CU Film Studies program.


  • Courts métrages de Patrick Bokanowski

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    eluparcettecrapule présente :
    Courts métrages de Patrick Bokanowski
    en présence de Patrick et Michèle Bokanowski
    Jeudi 17 décembre à 20 h 30 au Studio - 3 rue Général Sarrail, Le Havre, France

    - La Plage (1991, coul, 14' 00)
    - La Femme Qui Se Poudre (1970-1972 , n&b , 18' 00)
    - Déjeuner Du Matin (1974, coul, 12')
    - Éclats D'orphée (2002, coul, 4'35)
    - Battements Solaires (2008, sonore, 18'40)

    entrée : 4 euros


    Jueves, Diciembre 17, 2009 - 20:30


    Studio - ,
  • Fuera de formato: Fluxus II

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    Fluxfilm No. 16: Four, Yoko Ono

    Fluxfilm No. 17: 5 O’Clock in the Morning (1966), Pieter Vanderbiek

    Fluxfilm No. 18: Smoking (1966), Joe Jones

    Fluxfilm No. 19: Opus 74, version 2 (1966), Eric Andersen

    Fluxfilm No. 20: ARTYPE (1966), George Maciunas

    Fluxfilm No. 21: (untitled) (1966), Alyson Knowles


    Jueves, Diciembre 17, 2009 - 20:00
  • Short films by Curt McDowell

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    "Curt was curt, cute, controversial, and not celibate,” wrote his former friend and collaborator George Kuchar. McDowell (who died in 1987) was a key San Francisco underground filmmaker whose work is rarely revived. Bawdy, funny and sometimes explicit, this program of some of his best short films are infused with joy and fearless intensity of raw emotion.


    Jueves, Diciembre 17, 2009 - 19:30


    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco, Estados Unidos