Robert Darroll - The Korean Trilogy and other animations


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The recently restored Korean Trilogy by Robert Darroll are now made available for personal ownership for the first time. Restoration created by Mark Toscano and the Academy Film Archive. This DVD also includes five more films by Darroll and a rare installation project.

"The first words that come to mind about Robert Darroll’s films are density and complexity -- of imagery, technique and style. He assimilates, transforms and transcends almost every technique in the history of animation. This is the apotheosis of motion graphics – simultaneously photographic, videographic and computer graphic. Darroll creates a hypnotic and visionary universe through virtuosic use of rotoscoping, compositing, layering, filtering and complex segmentations of the frame." - Gene Youngblood

The Korean Trilogy
Experience three of the most complex analog animation techniques ever captured on film. A crazy mix of abstractions that dazzle the eyes. Transitions are abound and bring you through hundreds of emotions flowing smoothly from showering colors to spiraling abstractions to rippled designs. You won't believe this was all shot on film. Created as a reflection upon an intense research period into Korean culture and East Asian philosophy.
- Lung (1986)
- Feng Huang (1988)
- Stone Lion (1990)

The Taiwanese Trilogy
Scientific analysis represented in a mashing of abstraction and video manipulation. Stare into the soul of humanity while contemplating the existence of the universe. These are three intense approaches to the same audio tracks. As a companion to his previous trilogy this series follows as an interpretation to a period of teaching in Taiwan over a lengthy period.
- Things Fall Apart (2011)
- How Technology Saved the World (2011)
- What Ghosts Like Most (2011)

Other Animations
- Short Story for PV. (2011)
- Future Paleontology (2011)
Considered companion pieces of a disjointed narrative sown together through chaotic transitions. Presented is a philosophical journey of man-kind and it's relationship to reality.
- Bedlam (2005)
A stand alone installation piece – a reinterpretation of a performance. This is a single screen version of a 5 screen piece that visually encapsulates the performance.

Robert Darroll studied in Germany until 1974, then worked independently as a media designer and media artist in Europe until 2001 when he relocated to Japan. After a decade in Japan, Robert Darroll moved to Taiwan. He held professorships at the Department of Intermedia at the Tokyo National University of Art and Music, at the Nagoya University of Art and Science and at the Department of Digital Media at the Ming Chuan University. He is associated with the ZKM in Germay and the iotaCenter.
For more info please view Robert Darroll's Artist Profile on the iotaCenter Artist Database.

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Lung (Robert Daroll, 1986)

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