Experiments in Cinema 12.3 DVD Collection


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The artists included on these discs have donated their work to EIC. Experiments in Cinema is a volunteer-run festival so all proceeds from sales go directly into ensuring the continuation of EIC. Be the first on your block to collect the whole set of DVDs!

Disc 1:

  • Anxiety (Kaygi), Müge Yildiz, 2016, Turkey
  • Swarm Circulation, Yeonu Ju, 2016, South Korea
  • Insectar (Insectarium), Andreea Dobre, 2016, Romania
  • The Bridge, Meike Redeker, 2015, Germany
  • Dark Shadows, Grayson Cooke, 2015, Australia
  • Libertad, Brenda Avila, 2016, USA
  • Events in a Cloud Chamber, Ashim Ahluwalia, 2016, India
  • Minispectacles 6x Good Night, Maarit Suomi-Väänänen, 2016, Finland
  • Effulgence, Alex MacKenzie, 2014, Canada
  • More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Kelly Gallagher, 2016, USA
  • Skipper (Mistic Speech), Paul Tarragó, 2016, UK
  • July 8th, 2016, Jason Halprin, 3.5 minutes, 2016, USA
  • CULTURETRAUMA, Jodi Darby, 2016, USA
  • White Fish, Reza Golchin, 2016, Iran
  • Copper Perforation Loop Triptych, Ruth Hayes, 2016, USA

Disc 2

  • Rothkonite, Morgan Menegazzo/Mariachiara Pernisa, 2015, Italy
  • Under The Boardwalk, Catherine Forster, 2016, USA
  • Re-mesmerizing from Ormtown to Parc Lafontaine, Allan Brown,2016, Canada
  • The More You Do It, Caryn Cline, 1991, USA
  • Five Angels, Richard Ashrowan, 2016, Scotland
  • All My Life (After Baillie), Clint Enns, 3.5 minutes, 2016, Canada
  • 349, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, 2015, USA
  • You Decide, Sally Cloninger, 2016, USA
  • For Your Pleasure, Miguel Maldonado, 2015, UK
  • If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer To Home, Rajee Samarasinghe, 2016, Sri Lanka
  • WUNSCHKONZERT, Marlene Denningmann, 2016, Germany
  • The Solar System (In Luncheon Meat), Natasha Cantwell, 2013, New Zealand
  • Recuerdos de Sangre (Blood Memories), Georg Koszulinski, 2017, Cuba/USA
  • Travelling Light, Su Grierson, 2012, Scotland,
  • Stopped in Time, Patricia McInroy, 2016, Cuba

DIsc 3

  • Action Phase Loop 05: Crane Hang, Dustin Zemel, 2016, USA
  • Subotika–Land of Wonders, Peter Volkart, 2015, Switzerland
  • T is for Turnip, Kiera Faber, 2015, USA
  • Woolgatherer’s House, Anna Firth, 2016, Canada
  • Song for Koko, Tommy Becker, 2015, USA

And many more...

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