Wilson, Roger D.

Roger D. Wilson is an independent filmmaker based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Roger received a Degree in Film Production in 1993 from Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Since receiving his degree Roger has lived and worked in Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa and has held a variety of positions in the film industry including cinematographer, lighting technician, lighting & grip co-ordinator at William F. White International Inc and Technical Director at The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa. 

Roger has been creating experimental films since 2004; his artistic practice is based on the need to be consistently exploring the technical side of creating films. His process is based on using techniques like pixilation, time-lapse photography, cameraless animation, hand processing and creating exhibition prints. Roger is widely known for his technique of pre-exposure emulsion manipulation. Working in complete darkness Roger treats his film stock to processes that alter the films emulsion; he then uses this manipulated film stock to photograph images. He began exploring this process in 2005 with his film Just Like You Said Dad where he scratched the unexposed film stock with a nail prior to processing. Roger dove deeper into this technique of emulsion manipulation by bleaching unexposed film stock in household bleach before photographing with it. He used this technique in his films Cures what Ales You, Camera Paint and Brain Static: a self-portrait. Roger continues to explore pre-exposure emulsion manipulation and has buried unexposed 16mm black and white film in soil, boiled it in water and bathed it in baking soda, berg colour toner, household bleach, photographic bleach, Jell-O and alcohol all before photographing images. His 16mm b&w film Against the Grain reveals the results from many of these experimental processes.

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Roger D. Wilson



408 - 830 Canterbury Avenue
K1G3A9   Ottawa, Ontario
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