Shah, Vishal

Vishal is an art director with visual and motion design experience. Originally from London he lives and works in Berlin. With a multi-disciplinary outlook, he accomplished eight years as a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and as an Adjunct Professor at Richmond, The American International University in London, whilst concurrently working as a designer and motion artist supporting London-based agencies.

Since moving to Berlin, Vishal’s widened his clientele, expertise and experience. Providing agencies with imaginative and ambitious solutions for varied online and media platforms for both major cities. Independently he directs and produces moving image work for international screenings and visual music events across Europe, America and Asia. Vishal is an Art Director for DC Media Networks GmbH, he specialises in conception, design, production and the creation of TV spots for digital commerce clients throughout Europe.

Vellum is a moving bass sound sculpture. Projected 2D double images are aesthetically 3D extruded and in constant rotation. The plateau of each extrusion is either hidden or limited, holding and composing the pictorial plane. Movements are fast and slow turning into sculptural islands to the sound of an improvised double bass. Vellum is beautiful in detail and timely in each movement. Everything is concealed and only the end reveals the true story. Vellum becomes a mesmerizing work to see and hear.

Persona de contacto: 

Vishal Shah