Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Revelation commenced its formal life in 1997 in the basement back room of the Greenwich Club , Perth's legendary jazz venue.

The festival was designed to showcase ideas "at point" in contemporary independent film and find a place for them in a conservative cinema and social environment. Amongst the new works lived curated archival programs that highlighted pivotal - often hidden - creative points over the decades.

All were presented on very beautiful, very analogue 16mm from the back of the room. No projection room, no digital sound. Experimental idea, 1 person, 2, projectors (as Magilla Gorilla always said "I always carry a spare spare") and 12 films.

Today, the event includes 100+ international films presented at cinemas, galleries, cafes and bars across Perth. It attracts 10,000 patrons and 50 national and international guests over 10 days.



North Perth
31° 55' 39.6984" S, 115° 51' 10.5984" E