Giovanni Morassutti

Giovanni Morassutti (born March 15, 1980 in Padua) is an Italian actor, director, writer, artist and curator. He has appeared in more than 20 films including indipendent films, prime time tv and experimental films like Last Days directed by Gus Van Sant , Three stories of Love and Angst directed by Jordan Mattos , Amigdala by Vito Pagano among others.As stage actor he has worked with Ellen Stewart of La Mama Experimentla Theatre  Club in New York, The Transversal theater company and The Alternative Theater of Manhattan. Giovanni Morassutti's credits as a director include ducumentary Personal Dream Space  shot at Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence which is an international art residency located in the  regioan Friuli Venezia Giulia that promotes artistic production and research and focuses on the development of the creative process .Several international teaching artists like John Strasberg and Italo-Palestinian artist Mustafa Sabbagh have been invited as well as artist collectives like Marsala 11 and the Institut für Alles Mögliche of Berlin helping them in the development of their work with exhibitions and open studios. In 2016 Giovanni Morassutti founded in Berlin, Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin,which is a project space with an interest in cultural research and artistic experimentation. Giovanni Morassutti realized a videoartwork:: "Ribolla" which is part of a collection based on pairing wine with contemporary art.Several artists and artist collectives have aso been hosted in the Berlin affiliation space including Wyatt Mills (USA), Roger Thorp (UK) and Kaoru Shibuta (JPN).