Darko Vukic

Visual artist (1992, Serbia). 

Graduated Painting / Transmedia research department at Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) in Belgrade, where he enrolled PhD program. His artistic practice is noted as divergent and related to variety of techniques, from classical to new media. He participated in numerous events, from workshops, through presentations, screenings, lectures and festivals; to solo shows and group exhibitions abroad and locally. He contributed to the course: Temporality in Modern and Contemporary Art (History of Art program, FFA) by giving short video lectures and presentations, all to open a certain discussion about a particular actuality, as a kind of exercising the critical reasoning in art and education.


The ideas of multiplication, problems of reception and memory concerning the produced works.  In media of those works I tend to localize its boundaries. In this sense I investigate connections of video media possibilities with-in space, haptic space. I am deeply occupied with the issue of transparency, as opposed to the hermeticism of the works which are drowning in landscape of cultural hegemony. I often steer my work in the direction of logical polylemmas, where the number of questions and options is increasing, as is the inability of generating them. The key motives are bound to the local ontological horizon, from which I tend to spread them, or concretize them, all to create chances for their development shifts. I make videos, sometimes as installations, that usually correlate with the immersive state of not-upholding self–body–other–it. By using complex ways to simplify visual effects, I generate transitional situations of lines in the basic video field. I make my works from logical and intuitive processes, perceptual and optical, of those between digital and analog realm


The works of Darko Vukić abound with mental representations about the deformation of the body that occurs in the midst of understanding of the phenomenon of time, the body is in that way treated as dilapidated figure which is in reality present as a shadow, and enjoys in solidity of its subject in imaginary world. But when the shadow outputs from the fictional world it doesn’t experience no more the body as surface, but more the body as a mass, this activates experience of body as flash that is being destroyed in fantasies, on the one hand by the concepts, and on the other by cutting letters in soft surface, that in this way becomes tactile, from this process Darko Vukić attempts to explicate the deformations of the body through the frames established by the modes of visual shaping.

* Velimir Popović

Fine Artist and Art Theorist




11000   Belgrade
44° 47' 11.6448" N, 20° 26' 56.1192" E