Bransha Gautier

Bransha Gautier (b.1981 in Vienna, Austria) is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, cinematographer, designer, director and tv producer. 

Her work spanned different fields but usually deals with themes of heritage, indigienous people and tribes in contemporary times.
Her short movies and videos have appeared worldwide E.g. at National Museum of China in Beijing; Museo Qorikancha in Cusco/ Peru; Chosunilbo Museum, Seoul/ Korea; IMAX - Nairobi/ Kenya; British Film Institute, London/ UK; Birla Academy of Arts, Kolkata/ India as well  Asian Art Biennale, London Biennale, Beijing Art Biennale

 Her art also appeared on many highly acclaimed magazine covers as well as publishing houses such as NatGeo, Vogue, Taiwan Press, PBS NewsHour

Persona de contacto: 

Bransha Gautier