Arkadev, Dmitrii

Psychedelic project "Incarnation"

Новая интеллектуальная экспериментальное кино

"D'Ark Angel" - the world through the eyes of an Angel.

A look inside - the way to his

Desolated - be filled, Lost - will see their way.

This is an innovative film that realizes new forms of visualization of emotions, emotional and imaginative philosophy. It has a unique and non-standard concept, makes a different view of themselves and their surroundings, offers an alternative view of reality, creating new thoughts and creative ideas. It is impossible to forget.

Cinema of this author, revealing the inner truth of human conflict and Ideal. He did what he was, and all at once. Its history can not be said, can not be understood immediately and fully understand.

For the people surface, this film may seem strange and meaningless. The world in which we live, dictates the conditions and immersed in his vanity, people live without noticing the fact that each of them has its own essence. But man finds his life has meaning only to a certain point, that changes everything. This aspect can not understand and can not explain. Many people ask: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?". This film - for them.

This film can be considered psychedelic. His originality and emotional impact can cause a profound human condition "extension" of awareness and understanding of the visual line can blur the line of reality and change the world.

Persona de contacto: 

Dmitrii Arkadev



12 Krasnoarmeyskaya, house
Teléfono: +79119132964
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