Alfonso Cruz

Alfonso Cruz is an interdisciplinary artist from Barcelona who works with film and video in experimental mode. By combining practical experience with academic, one could say that is a creator of moving pictures. He is primarily interested in film as a personal diary, and the exploration of philosophical concepts such as feeling, emotion or mental experience, which translates into a conscious experience through visual representation.


In my artistic process I have tried to create images that invite to be examined through what I call "emotional contemplation": to reflect on the contemplation, temporality and subjectivity of the image and to speculate on certain narratives associated with landscape, space and form. I approach the allegorical, sometimes through seemingly paralyzed images, to generate mechanisms that formulate intervals, superpositions, or repetitions.

In the creative act, I move from intention to realization through a chain of totally subjective reactions, from which the procedural part of the work is derived. On the other hand, I use the expressive possibilities that contemporary photographic language and image allow me through its multiple formats, media and techniques, shaping my work through film / video, photography and installation.


41° 23' 6.2304" N, 2° 10' 24.2508" E