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Another eXperiment by Women Film Festival (AXW for short) gives women’s work a Real Time and Space in New York City!

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Experimental Film Society - Video On Demand

Over the past five years, four prolific underground filmmakers have emerged to define a new and distinctive visionary strain of filmmaking in Ireland. Under the banner of Experimental Film Society, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, Michael Higgins and Maximilian Le Cain have forged a defiantly personal and marginal cinema that is fast becoming recognized as "an important new direction" (Donal Foreman, Estudios Irlandeses) in Irish film. Sharing an exploratory approach to filmmaking where films emerge from the interplay of sound, image and atmosphere rather than traditional storytelling techniques, their work has been singled out for its radical formal qualities and poetic sensibility. Made with low or, most often, no budgets, this is filmmaking at its most challenging and independent.  

Now, for the first time, their archive of forty-three feature and medium length films is available on VOD to stream or download. Explore this unique catalogue of work here (


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