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Sachs, Lynne
Sanguedolce, Steve
Saul, Michael
Savirón, Mónica

Mónica Savirón is an experimental filmmaker, writer, and curator.

Schaller, Robert
Schefer, Raquel

Raquel Schefer, film-maker and academic researcher, paris

Schell, Michael
Scher, Jeffrey
Schlemowitz, Joel
Scipio, Richard
Sebastian Wiedemann
Sederowsky, Dana
Shah, Vishal

Vishal is an art director with visual and motion design experience. Originally from London he lives and works in Berlin.

Sharits, Paul
Sher, Elizabeth
Sherman, David
Shot on Blood: Kozmikonic Electronica

1/2 of the film was shot using a hand cranked 35mm camera, a 1912 Bell and Howell 2709 — B. The other half of the film was shot in HD. The film was hand processed & using the colour matrix and gamma of a hand made emulsion...

Silver, Shelly
Smith, Lee
Smith, Michele
Snider, Greta
Solomon, Phil

Experimental Filmmaker - Phil Solomon (Official Web Site): Twilight Psalm, Walking Distance, Night of the Meek, Seasons..., Clepsydra, Re

Spear, Chelsea
Stanila, Sunny

Desire on the Surface of the Skin


Studio KOMOREBI is creating films and moving images exchanging human actors with self-made small-scale puppets from clay researching moti

Suderburg, Erika
Supak, Corbin