• Mono no aware 2nd event

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    MONO NO AWARE is not a film festival; it's focus is the cinematic experience. Inspired by the unique qualities of live performance and viewing film prints, it encourages live music, theatrical performance, audio and additional visuals to accompany the film piece.

    MONO NO AWARE is open to experimental filmmakers, fine artists, poets and musicians; to any and all persons working or interested in making work using the film medium. Entries on Super8 or 16mm film only; no digital video submissions will be accepted.

    Deadline for submissions is November 7, 2008

    Please send entries to the following address:
    PMB # 303
    302 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
    United States

    *Please note that the PMB is not a POB! A PMB is capable of receiving FedEx, UPS, and other mailing services that require signature and can receive mail 7 days a week.

    Selected film performances will be announced
    Sunday November 9th 2008.

    The event will be held on Sunday November 30, 2008 at 6pm.

    For more information click here


  • FocFest 2008 - The Freedom of Choice International Video and Film Peace Festival

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    Freedom honors Peace and the dignity that allows honesty, fair
    treatment; fostering a positive and healthy environment to all.
    Sometimes and in some contexts these values are still for accomplish
    and healthy relationship of comfort, security, respect, dignity,
    self-worth, confidentiality, openness and communication were not

    Freedom of choice gives us the power of decision and self-determination
    that provides everyone to exercise their right. Justice, fairness and
    equality enhances the sense of self-esteem that at the end consolidate

    The Freedom of Choice International Video is committed to bringing to the
    public quality creative art movies with civic and intervention assent.
    It seeks to promote the ideals of peace, freedom,
    open society, tolerance, political and cultural pluralism within a
    global context as well as fight and expose the cases of violation of
    those commitments throughout
    the world.

    The FocFest works towards to show multisided views of world peace and
    freedom through the art form of video and film expressed creatively and
    critically. It aims to promote the use of moving image involving broad
    in an open debate about the challenges facing humanity.

    Alberto Guerreiro

    Main Goals:

    • Screening a multi-view of the world peace and freedom of choice
    subject through video-art by a creative and critic perspective way.
    • Promoting the ideals of peace, freedom, open society, tolerance, political and social pluralism in a global context.
    • Exposing the violation of freedom and peace commitment.
    • Involving the audience into an open debate about this two great human aims: freedom and peace.

    The FocFest is an event of Artists for Peace: "Interested in promoting
    Peace and Friendship, Non Violence, and an active attitude against

    Terms and Conditions:

    Themes: Freedom of Choice, Peace and Human Rights.
    Call: Open to everyone.
    Type: No competition. More than one movie by artist is acceptable.
    Registration fee: no fee.
    Registration method: application form.
    Origin: Worldwide.
    Genres accepted: All genres.
    Call deadline: 31st July, 2008.
    Selection deadline (communication of the movies list): October (date to confirm).
    Event: November 2008 (date to confirm).
    Please email the submission form to [email protected] .

    Video and Film Works shoul be Send to and as follows:

    The screening copy of the movie (DVD) and the original submission and
    permission form (sign) should be send until the end of August to the
    post address below (All deliveries from international participants must

    Att: Alberto Guerreiro / Milton Dias
    Apartado - P.O. Box 519
    2461-901 Alcobaça

    Technical requirements:

    Original formats: All formats.
    Screening formats: DVD (Europe Pal + US and Asia, NTSC).
    Maximum running time: shouldn't exceed 10 minutes.
    Production: movies completed after 1st January, 2001.

    I FocFest '08 is to be screened in Artist for Peace countries and will
    be celebrated simultaneously in: Portugal (Lisbon), Turkey (Istanbul),
    USA, (San Francisco, CF), Viareggio (Italy) and Yerevan (Armenia).

    Festival Team:

    Production: Artists for Peace
    Coordination team: Alberto Cerritos, Alberto Guerreiro, Milton Dias, Sahin Ozbay, Sevgi Ürum and Pancho Peskador.
    Festival Concept: Alberto Guerreiro.
    Artwork, Design and Layout: Milton Dias a.k.a. m.ego ©

    Local Event Curators:

    Portugal - Lisbon - (Alberto Guerreiro | Milton Dias)
    Turkey - Istanbul - (Sahin Ozbay | Sevgi Ürum)
    U. States – San Francisco, California - (Pancho Peskador)
    Italy - Viareggio (Mirco Piccioli)
    Armenia – Yerevan (David Kareyan)

    Submission form and permission:
    Contact and submit the works by: [email protected]

    For further information please contact: [email protected]


  • 2008 Iowa City Experimental Film Festival

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    Iowa City Experimental Film Festival

    October 9th-11th, 2008

    Iowa City Experimental is now seeking innovative film and video work
    for its October 2008 festival.  ICE continues the legacy of Thaw's
    underground and alternative film exhibition by screening entries that
    challenge, blur, or obliterate the following categories:  documentary,
    animation, narrative, performance, abstract, hand-made, installation,
    etc.  Send us the celebratory, the iconoclastic, the combative, the
    political, the quirky, quotidian, or the just plain weird-anything of
    the mind and world that can be captured and projected through a lens.

    Submissions will be selected by the ICE Screening Committee, and
    accepted works will enter a juried competition.  We are pleased to
    welcome Deborah Stratman<> and Vanessa Renwick<>
    as this year's esteemed jurors.  And we are just shameless enough to
    mention that last year's inaugural festival was judged by Bill Brown<> and Naomi Uman<>.

    Because it is about the work:

    1)   Our entry fee is the astoundingly affordable $1.00 per minute, rounded to the nearest minute.

    2)   Work completed in any year will be considered for competition.

    The deadline for entries is August 15, 2008.

    Entry form and guidelines can be found at

    Contact: [email protected]


    ICE Film Fest
    P.O. Box 10008
    Iowa City, IA 52240


  • 22nd Images Festival 2009

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    The Images Festival annually exhibits a selection of film and video installation, media-based performance works and new media as part of the festival. Images works with Toronto galleries, production centres and other alternative exhibition spaces to show artworks incorporating the moving image and interactive media, music and performance. Please visit our website for a full archive of works presented.

    Among the artists whose installations, performances, and new media works have been featured in past festivals: Sadie Benning, Eddo Stern, Bettina Hoffmann, Steven Cohen, Daniel Barrow, Lida Abdul, Yael Bartana, Lonnie van Brummelen, Stan Douglas, John Oswald, Laiwan, Tony Cokes, Michael Campbell, Harun Farocki, Lorna Simpson, Steve McQueen, Aki Onda, Bjørn Melhus, David Rokeby, Jeremy Deller, Masashi Iwasaki & Tadasu Takamine, Fiona Banner, Jürgen Reble + Thomas Köner, Hitoshi Toyoda, Susie Ibarra + Lori Freedman, mpld, Willy Le Maitre, The
    Shalabi Effect, Bruce McClure, Zoe Beloff, Semiconductor, Bob Ostertag + Pierre Hébert, GUH, People Like Us, Instant Places, Chris Welsby, Jane & Louise Wilson, Hassan Khan, Annika Larsson, Deirdre Logue, Daniel Olson, Gustavo Artigas, Carolee Schneemann, John Greyson, Judy
    Radul, Luke Jerram, Richard Fung, Paulette Phillips, Nell Tenhaaf, Rosa Barba, Jean-François Guiton, Deanna Bowen, Haruki Nishijima, Gebhard Sengmüller, Marion Coutts, Michael Snow, Althea Thauberger, and many more...


    Deadline for receipt of entries: July 15, 2008 (postmark)
    The 22nd annual Images Festival runs for 10 days in April 2009 in Toronto, Canada.
    Submission results will be sent by mid-December.


    All works related to the moving image, interactive processes and digital media, and completed on or after January 1, 2006, are eligible for entry.
    “New media” includes works using formats such as CD-ROM, the internet or other telecommunications technologies, etc., but not necessarily
    requiring a particular type of presentation space.
    Artists must maintain final edit and copyright control. We suggest that you inquire about whether our piece meets our mandate and likely capacity
    to exhibit before submitting, particularly for works which require a great deal of technical support and/or very large exhibition spaces.


    All entrants must use the online form or submit a typed or clearly printed completed entry form for each work. All submissions must be postmarked 15 July 2008 [Final Deadline]. There is no entry fee for installation, new media or performance submissions; limit of 2 entries per person. Artist fees and technical costs are paid by the festival. Please include with your package:

    - a synopsis of the work (including all technical requirements, layout diagrams, etc.)
    - a brief biography and list of previous works
    - complete production credits
    - documentation of the work

    Documentation may be in the form of video, good photographic prints or high-resolution (300 dpi or better) TIFF computer files on CD. Please label images and videos clearly with your name and the title of the work. Please do not email stills or submission information unless requested.
    It is also very important that you include a detailed description of the technical requirements for exhibition. Please include (as applicable) layout drawings and plans, equipment needed, equipment supplied by the artist, internet or other telecommunications needs, and shipping requirements.


    Submissions from outside Canada must include a Pro Forma Invoice attached to the outside of the package; this form should include contact information for the shipper (you) and the receiver (the Images Festival). Label using the following example as a guide: “DVD and photographs for film festival preview. Cultural use only. No commercial value. Replacement value $2.” Value the package only at the replacement cost of the blank media (e.g. about $2 to $3 for a DVD or CD), up to a maximum of $18 Canadian. Images will not pay Customs charges or duties for any mislabeled, overvalued or incorrectly shipped submissions. If shipping by courier, please keep your copy of the waybill until you have confirmed that the festival has received your submission.

    PLEASE DO NOT SHIP BY UPS (United Parcel Service) FROM OUTSIDE OF CANADA, as this will result in Customs charges that the festival cannot pay, and your submission will be returned. Also, please do not send submission materials in fibre-filled envelopes; the dust damages media and playback equipment.

    Preview materials will not be returned. (Local artists may make arrangements to pick materials up from the office during regular working hours.)
    The entrant’s signature on the entry form creates an agreement between the entrant and the Images Festival that the entrant will provide an exhibition copy of the submitted work to the festival in sufficient time for installation if the work is selected for inclusion in the Images Festival. It also certifies that the entrant is the legal owner of the work, and that any copyrighted materials included in the work have been legally cleared for use. The entrant agrees not to hold the Images Festival liable for any expenses resulting from any claims arising from the exhibition of the work submitted or the use of publicity material relating to the work submitted.


    [Installation OR New Media OR Performance] Submissions
    The Images Festival
    448-401 Richmond St. West
    Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8 CANADA
    Telephone (416) 971.8405
    Facsimile (416) 971.7412
    email: [email protected]


    ___ Completed application form (online form or photocopy accepted)
    ___ Preview materials (Video and/or Image(s) from the submitted work/s)
    ___ Detailed project description (including technical requirements, layout diagrams, etc.)
    ___ Brief artist’s biography (25-50 words)
    ___ CV or list of artist’s prior works/exhibtions
    ___ Full production credits


  • 2008 WNDX New Prairie Cinema Open Call

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    2008 WNDX New Prairie Cinema Open Call

    is Winnipeg's festival of avant garde film and video. Our cornerstone
    program is the New Prairie Cinema showcase, featuring new works by
    filmmakers and video artists from the prairie region, as well as
    Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

    The submission deadline is lucky Friday June 13, 2008. There is no
    entry fee. Only one work per director / creator will be considered.
    WNDX pays artist fees for works selected for screening.

    Download the submission form at


  • 2008 London Film Festival

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    15-30 October 2008

    The London Film Festival is committed to incorporate a strong presence for
    avant-garde and artists' film & video in its programme. For several years,
    we have presented a concentrated weekend of artists' work, with many of the
    makers attending screenings. This year's special programmes will take place
    on 24-26 October 2008.

    I am interested to hear about any works completed in the last two years or
    currently in progress. If you are a film or video maker, please send tapes
    of recent works for preview and consideration. If no previews are available
    then send details of your project. Please note that works will be shown in
    theatrical screenings. The festival is unable to present installations or
    gallery-based work.

    Official regulations require that works will receive their UK theatrical
    premiere in the Festival. Prior theatrical, UK Festivals, UK television
    screenings, UK dvd / video releases or internet transmission films from
    entry. To be eligible for screening in the festival, works must have been
    made within the last two years, or be archival restorations that have not
    yet shown in the UK.

    Further information on eligibility, and the mailing address, are on the BFI
    website :-

    Please complete the online submissions form and select the "Artists' film
    and video" category.

    Preview materials should be sent for my attention to the Festival office.
    Please mark them clearly with my name and send me an email me at
    <[email protected]> so that I can look out for them.

    Details of the 2007 programme can be found at :-

    Note that I have changed my email address and no longer use blueyonder.
    Please update your address book but please don't add me to any mailing

    The final deadline for submissions is not until the end of June, but I'd
    appreciate if you could contact me as soon as possible as I do begin to work
    on the programmes well in advance.

    With best wishes,

    Mark Webber
    Programme Advisor, The 52nd London Film Festival
    Email: <[email protected]>


  • Wavelengths @ TIFF 2008

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    Wavelengths, the avant-garde programme of the Toronto International Film Festival, is currently seeking new works for its 8th edition, to take place over the opening weekend of TIFF from September 5 through 8, 2008. In recent years, this programme has featured works by Peter Hutton, Daichi Saito, Ute Aurand, Heinz Emigholz, among many others, and has become a unique forum for international film and video within the context of a large, international festival.


  • 25 FPS 2008

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    25 FPS
    The 4th Edition

    25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival is organized by the 25 FPS Association for Audio-visual Research in Zagreb, Croatia.

    Short experimental film and video up to 20 minutes.
    25 FPS is looking for works that use conceptual and technological possibilities of film and video; works that relate to the tradition of experimental and avant-garde film making in an innovative way; works that reveal new forms of the moving image.

    Deadline for submission: May 1st 2008
    Festival dates: 23 - 28 September 2008
    Selection results: June 15th 2008

    Works produced after 1st of January 2006 are applicable for the Competition.
    Accepted formats of the preview copies are DVDs.
    The preview tape must be sent together with filled out and signed entry form, including full contact details.
    If the film has dialogue in language other than Croatian or English, the preview tape must be subtitled in English, or accompanied with printed dialogue list.  
    Delivery cost for the preview will be borne by the applicant.
    All preview tapes will be added to the 25 FPS archives and will not be returned.
    Please indicate "For cultural purposes only, no commercial value" outside of the package or you may be required to pay customs duties.
    Send the entry form and preview tape by the 1st of May 2008 to:

    25 FPS
    Poljana Zdenka Mikine 10
    10 000 Zagreb

    Please note: films received in Zagreb after 15th of May will not be considered.

    The Festival Committee will contact the authors of all selected films by the 15th of June 2008.
    35 mm and 16 mm film, Digital Betacam PAL, Betacam SP PAL are accepted screening formats of selected films.
    The screening copy must be in Zagreb by 10th of September at latest, if it isn't arranged differently.
    Because of the specific nature of the Festival's catalogue, it is required to send 4 or more stills in high resolution JPEG format (300 dpi).
    Programmed works may be excerpted (max. 30 sec of running time) for television and other promotional, non-commercial, and educational purposes, and may be screened up to three (3) times during the Festival. Festival Selection Committee has the right to refuse any work which is of a dubious technical condition, and which may cause problems during the screening, including non-PAL formats and DVDs.

    All master tapes and film prints will be returned within two weeks after the Festival's ending at Festival’s expense to the address stated in the entry form together with the Festival's catalogue. In case of loss or damage during the period between receipt and return, the responsibility of the Festival is limited to covering the costs of replacement of the print. Any complaint regarding the condition of film prints must be made within 30 days after the date of their return shipment. If sending by the EMS (DHL, Federal Express, UPS...), dispatches must be accompanied by a pro forma invoice amounting to a maximum of 10 EUR or 10 USD.
    All previews will be kept in the Festival's archive and may be consulted at leisure. The organizer undertakes to use these copies exclusively for its own, strictly cultural, educational and non-commercial purposes, educational projects or for Festival's presentations in Croatia or abroad.

    All preview DVDs submitted for the Competition will automatically be available at the video library for the professionals. If the author doesn't want her/his work to be available in the library, she/he has to specify it in the printed and signed entry form. 

    1. Three Jury Prizes - Members of the international jury (3) will give three equal cash prizes. Each member of the jury will give one prize. Each prize amounts to 500 Euro.
    2. Croatian Society of Film Critics Award
    3. Audience Award.

    The Festival organizer will send the award to the winning author or producer's address. The Festival organizer will consult them for the precise instructions considering money award transfer.

    Cases not covered by these regulations will be considered directly by the Festival’s Committee in compliance with the regulations of international festivals of short film. In case of litigation, only the courts of the City of Zagreb shall be competent and have jurisdiction.

    25 FPS
    10 000 ZAGREB, CROATIA
    T: +385 (0)1 37 55 281
    F: +385 (0)1 37 56 335
    E-MAIL: [email protected]


  • Bearded Child Film Festival 2008

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    The Bearded Child Film Festival is gearing up for a whopping '08!

    1.) Call For Entries!

    Taking place during mid-summer, this year's festival will include four days in Minneapolis, plus the usual two days at our home base in rural Grand Rapids, MN. This will be by far the most ambitious Bearded Child to date, with numerous out-of-state filmmakers and special events. Our festival specializes in the "wild, wacky, and/or absurd", but we also showcase a variety of experimental films and even the occasional off-beat doc. We have a "$10 suggested donation" policy, but no media-maker will be turned away due to lack of funds. Entry form and more info at

    2.) Call for Performers!

    This year's Bearded Child will place an emphasis on live sound/image performances. Experimental musicians and image-makers from Minnesota and nationwide will be invited to perform. If you wish to strut your stuff at the Bearded Child, email [email protected]

    3.) Central States Tour!

    Everyone knows that no place rocks harder than the Midwest! We're taking a condensed version of our festival through the Central States this April, visiting all your favorite towns like Nashville (Indiana),  Harrison (Arkansas), Shreveport (Louisiana), and everywhere in between! The most up-to-date listing of shows is at

    4.) Invite us to your city or township!

    The Bearded Child is gearing up for a healthy dose of roadway over the coming months! If you are interested in corrupting the minds of your fellow townsmen, we will be more than happy to oblige!