iotaCenter General Call for Entries

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Send us your abstractions, your doodles your visual music yearning to break free!

The iotaCenter is requesting your experimental films to show in our Salons, promote in our Quarterlies and generally keep up with our community.

How to submit

We understand you are promoting your latest and greatest masterpiece, but if you follow these simple requests it will make it easier for us to promote you work.

  • Send us a link with your latest film in a playable format (YouTube, Vimeo or your own site – we cannot accept downloads at this time)
  • Keep the email short with one or two sentences describing your work and include…
    • full title
    • running time
    • release date
    • picture and audio credit
  • click here and fill out the online permission form
  • We want to watch everything sent to us, but often that’s not possible – so we can truly appreciate your film give us the timecode to the point in your film that best shows how amazing it is
  • Do not copy and paste an email, please follow our guidelines and brevity is your biggest asset
  • Give us two stills film your film
  • It is optimal if your piece is not made publicly viewable yet, but not necessary. We would love to be the premiere, if possible, but our primary concern is to show great new works.


Our main focus is works that exemplify the term “visual music,” but we are not exclusive. We appreciate any work that utilizes animation, VFX, CG, VR, interactive art or film/video abstractions in an unconventional manner.

We cannot promote every new work. So we appreciate your understanding. We do try to respond to everyone. We believe everyone in our community is special and every new work has a place and we are here to encourage!

Send your submissions to: [email protected]

subject: “iota CFE [title of work]” (if your title is long please use a shortened version – keep in mind this is for searching on our part).