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Wheeler Winston Dixon - Works 1970 - Present

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For this special screening at La lumière collective, Wheeler Winston Dixon will be presenting a selection of his films from 1970 to the present, concentrating on his more recent work in HD video. The filmmaker will be present to discuss his films with Clint Enns, who will introduce with filmmaker, and conduct a Q&A session after the screening.

"Wheeler Winston Dixon is a masterful film editor. His sensitivity to the movement within the frame and of the camera itself allows for fluidity in his editing that is exuberant and refreshing. He is skillful not only in manipulating the flow of images but the flow of ideas as well. He has assembled his images and juxtaposed them in such a way that their very ordinary nature suddenly becomes extraordinary. It is as though his films tap into our collective unconscious by exploring the surface realities that permeate our lives. Magical realms, pubescent fantasies, dreams of wish fulfillment, all assume strangely mythic proportions through Wheeler's editing, so even the mundane world we accept so readily begins to look somehow dreamlike and unreal." - Bruce Rubin, Associate Curator of Film, Whitney Museum of American Art

Mini - retrospective at La lumière collective
Introduced by - Clint Enns
Films screened, in order:

SLAP (2015)
LOOK (2018)
SLEEP (2017)

Total run time: 67 minutes

"There are already enough images in the world. In my videos, I prefer to use existing imagery, playing with it to the point of abstraction to create an otherworldly experience. Although the original images are rooted in the real world, the final product exists in a phantom zone, existing only as long as the image is projected on the screen. At the same time, I hope to seduce the viewer into believing that however unreal these images are, they still have some sort of temporal reality. It is this gap between the actual and the imagined that informs all of my work." - Wheeler Winston Dixon

Dixon's films have been screened at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Anthology Film Archives, The BWA Katowice Museum of Modern Art in Poland, The Microscope Gallery, The National Film Theatre (UK), The Jewish Museum, The Nelson - Atkins Museum of Art, The Millennium Film Workshop, The San Francisco Cinématheque, The Maryland Institute College of Art, The New Arts Lab, The Collective for Living Cinema, The Kitchen Center for Film and Video, The Filmmakers Cinématheque, Film Forum, The Amos Eno Gallery, Sla 307 Art Space, The Gallery of Modern Art, The Rice Museum Media Center, The Oberhausen Film Festival, The Experimental Response Cinema and elsewhere.

In 2003, Dixon was honored with a retrospective of his films at The Museum of Modern Art, and his films were acquired for the permanent collection of the Museum, in both print and original format.


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