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SPECTRAL is an adventure led conjointly by 6 artist-run film labs, WORM.Filmwerkplaats (NL), Baltic Analog Lab (LV), Crater Lab (ES), LaborBerlin (DE), Laia (PT) & Mire (FR), displaying an active DIY philosophy in the field of the moving image and sharing an affinity for photo-chemical and mechanical analog cinema.

The seminary will proceed in three phases of 10-day workshops between Winter 2023 and Summer 2024.

This seminary’s goal is to develop mobile tools allowing wandering and roaming (easy transport, set up and autonomous in electricity) :
- portable 16mm black and white developing laboratory
- tools for light or film projection (16 mm and other)
- portable acousmonium

Our suggestion is to orient research towards a revisitation of ancient tools such as the magic lantern and the afghan box, transformed and lightened through modern materials and technology (LED lights, 12volt_motors, etc.) but also to attempt a return to mechanical movements in order to divert at most from electric energy.

Nothing is rigid, these propositions were born from our own research and desires and we are absolutely open to all suggestions that would lead to other roads of thought ! We will form a group of 15 people: 5 people per research division (lab, projector, acousmonium) – with the idea of cross-overs, mutual aid and stimulation between divisions. The occasional invitation of specific experts whose areas of competence (optics, electronics, electricity, carpentry, 3D printing) would be beneficial to the progress of research will have to be thought out together.

The portable tools developed will be, in time, handed over to artists during specific residencies around the idea of roaming in 2023-2025. All research and outcomes will be documented and open sourced.

The seminary is thought as a long-term collective enterprise linking the participants, accompanied by technicians. Between the workshop phases, thought and communication continue. In that respect, it is preferable to be able to commit to participating in all three phases of research.

- First phase: 7 days, will be held in Nantes, between 6 and 12.02.23 / back and forth around the research leads, sketches, construction drafts, tests
- Second phase : 10 days, July 2023 in the surroundings of Nantes/ construction, refining
- Third phase : 10 days, during summer 2024 in the surroundings of Nantes/ finalization of the tools and documentation

Travel, accommodation and meals will be covered.

The work spaces will supply basic equipment, all specific needs will have to be defined together prior to the start of the seminary (we have a 1000euros budget for production fees per session, to distribute between the research divisions).

This seminary is for anyone – inventor, tinkerer, artist or all of the above – involved or not in the sphere of analog cinema who, through prior experience in the development of tools or through a personal interest in mobility, transportability, adaption to diverse locations and situations, will be able to make a contribution to collective research.

Keep in mind that the team will be European, perhaps international, so basic understanding of English or the capacity to make oneself understood through gestures will be welcomed.

We invite all who are interested in participating to submit their application before November 21st 2022 to the following e-mail adress : [email protected]

For all additional information, you may write to the same adress.

The application must contain:
-application letter (in English or French)
-research topic proposals, indicating in which of the three divisions you wish to work (laboratory, projection, sound diffusion)
-any document, photographs or texts, describing your ongoing or previous research in these fields. Any technical or theoretical knowledge, as well as materials you may need to further your research.

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Lunes, Noviembre 21, 2022 (Todo el día)

Submission fees: 

Convocatoria gratuita

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Lunes, Noviembre 21, 2022 (Todo el día)