Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Introduces The Coming World Prize at the 4th Moscow International Film Festival 2019

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Garage will award one of the competitors at the 4th Moscow International Experimental Film Festival a special prize—The Coming World.

The prize is launched as part of The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030-2100, a major exhibition which opens at Garage on June 28. Bringing together existing and new works by over fifty artists from Russia and abroad, the exhibition looks at the speculative future, the boundaries of which are determined by predictions that are no longer considered accurate—from the depletion of oil by 2030 to the colonisation of other planets by 2100. The uncertainty of our knowledge of the future allows us to think it performatively as a future that is already in the making or the future in the process of becoming. Art becomes a unique platform where various hypotheses, ideas and practices are presented and discussed by agents coming from different areas of knowledge.

A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the makers of the best film that explores the issues covered in the project and reflects its broad understanding of ecology. The winner, selected by an international jury, will be announced on July 14.

The program of the 4th Moscow International Experimental Film Festival MIEFF 2019, which will take place in Moscow from July 10 to 14, 2019, includes an international competition, as well as retrospectives of internationally acclaimed video artists, special screenings, audio-visual performances, and lectures. With its main focus on the filmmakers and video artists who work at the intersection of various practices, the festival’s ambition is to create a strong foundation for the development and support of experimental film in Russia. Every year, MIEFF brings to the public a wide variety of contemporary cinematographic strategies beyond classical film aesthetics.

Garage has been the festival’s partner since 2018. This year, the Museum will also host some MIEFF 2019 screenings at its Garage Screen Summer Cinema. The temporary cinema opening in Garage Square in June will show a program of premieres, classics, and special screenings.