Rewind Italia: Early Video Art in Italy


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Italy was a vibrant centre of video art production and exhibition throughout the 1970s and 1980s. This early seminal experimentation attracted artists from all over the world and laid the foundation for video art. However since then, early Italian video art has received only scant international exposure. Its contribution to the history of video as an art form has for too long escaped the recognition that it so unequivocally deserves.

Derived from the AHRC funded research project ‘REWINDItalia’, REWINDItalia Early Video Art in Italy/I primi anni della videoarte in Italia – edited by Laura Leuzzi and Stephen Partridge – aims to bring the seminal Italian early video experimentation back under the International spotlight.

The volume includes seminal essays, already appeared in Italian publications, plus newly commissioned texts by leading scholars and artists, translated into English for the first time. A wide selection of stills from video artworks and photographs from set provide a fruitful resource for research and study. Authors include: Renato Barilli, Maria Gloria Bicocchi, Lola Bonora, Silvia Bordini, Paolo Cardazzo, Cinzia Cremona, Sean Cubitt, Bruno Di Marino, Simonetta Fadda, Vittorio Fagone, Marco Maria Gazzano, Luciano Giaccari, Mirco Infanti, Laura Leuzzi, Sandra Lischi, Adam Lockhart, Stephen Partridge, Cosetta G. Saba, Emile Shemilt, Studio Azzurro, Valentina Valentini, Grahame Weinbren.

The volume is closed by The Chronology of Video Art in Italy (1952–1992), by Valentino Catricalà and Laura Leuzzi, translated for the first time into English. With a foreword from Don Foresta, and an introduction by Stephen Partridge. Translation by Simona Manca.

Table of Contents

  • Video recording in Bologna / Video-recording a Bologna, Renato Barilli
  • Memory of video: Italy in the Seventies / Memoria del video: Italia anni Settanta, Silvia Bordini
  • The Video Library – The Classification/La Videoteca – La Classificazione, Luciano Giaccari
  • Centro Video Arte of Palazzo dei Diamanti / Il Centro Video Arte di Palazzo dei Diamanti, Lola Bonora
  • art/tapes/22. Conversation with Maria Gloria Bicocchi/art/tapes/22. Conversazione con Maria Gloria Bicocchi, Cosetta G. Saba and Mirco Infanti
  • Interview with Maria Gloria Bicocchi / Intervista a Maria Gloria Bicocchi, Stephen Partridge and Laura Leuzzi
  • The Video Season / La stagione del video, Paolo Cardazzo
  • Italian Reaction to Video / La reazione italiana al video, Simonetta Fadda
  • Symbols and Materials: Notes on Three Artists Working in Video in Venice in the 1970s / Simboli e materiali: alcune note su tre artisti che hanno lavorato col video a Venezia negli anni Settanta, Grahame Weinbren
  • Some notes on Luca Maria Patella’s videotapes / Alcune note sui videotape di Luca Maria Patella, Laura Leuzzi
  • Authorship, collaborations and international contaminations – Videoperformance in Italy in the ’70s / Autorialità, collaborazioni e contaminazioni internazionali – La videoperformance in Italia negli anni Settanta, Cinzia Cremona
  • Glitch Aesthetics and Impossible Flights / Estetica del ‘glitch’ e voli impossibili, Sean Cubitt
  • Video art in search of a new language / La videoarte alla ricerca di un nuovo linguaggio, Marco Maria Gazzano
  • Video’s broken paths. A conversation with Paolo Rosa and Fabio Cirifino / I sentieri interrotti del video. Una conversazione con Paolo Rosa e Fabio Cirifino, Valentina Valentini
  • TIME, BODY, MEDIUM. Some notes on the continuity and discontinuity between artists’ cinema and video in Italy in the Seventies / TEMPO, CORPO, MEDIUM. Alcune note sulla continuità e discontinuità tra cinema e video d’artista in Italia negli anni ’70, Bruno Di Marino
  • Parallel Time in selected Italian and UK Early Video Works / Tempi paralleli in una selezione di opere dei primi anni del video in Italia e Gran Bretagna, Adam Lockhart
  • Perceptions of a real event: Tensions between the seen and the unseen in performance and its video documentation / Percezioni dell’evento reale: tensioni tra il visibile e l’invisibile nella performance e nella sua video documentazione, Emile Shemilt
  • Between Cinema and Poetronic (and Beyond): The Different Writings of Gianni Toti / Fra cinema e poetronica (e oltre): le scritture di Gianni Toti, Sandra Lischi
  • Memory of Video: Continuous Present. A Matter of Time – Ambits, Techniques and Methods – Classification – Materials – Current Issues and Possibilities / Memoria del video: presente continuo. Questione di tempo – Ambiti, tecniche e metoi – Classificazione – Materiali – Attualità e prospettive, Vittorio Fagone
  • Chronology of Video Art in Italy (1952–1992), Laura Leuzzi and Valentino Catricalà

Laura Leuzzi is an art historian and curator whose research focuses on the relationship between words and image in visual art and new media. She was a research fellow on the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project, REWINDitalia, based out of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.

Stephen Partridge is an artist, academic researcher, and pioneer of Early British video art. He is Professor of Media Art at the University of Dundee and co-editor (with Sean Cubitt) of Rewind: British Artists' Video in the 1970s & 1980s.

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Laura Leuzzi (ed.), Stephen Partridge (ed.)


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