Jon Behrens: 6 Films Vol 1


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I am happy to announce the long awaited Blu-ray release of 6 of my short films. This is a limited addition of 300 numbered and signed discs. Brand new HD scans of all the films taken from the original film negatives. This is the first vol of films, future volumes will follow. - JB

Jon Behrens is a Seattle based filmmaker, film programmer, photographer, sound designer and teacher. His films have been screened through out the world and has been active in the Experimental and avant garde film movement since the early 1980’s.

Films included on this this release are:

- A BEGINNING A MIDDLE AND AN END (2013)This film was made from reconstituted found footage and it is a hand painted and optically printed wonder with a beginning a middle and an end.

- DESERT ABSTRACTIONS This is a film that I had wanted to make for many years. It was not until the summer of 1996 that I actually got it together and shot it. Again with the help of Steve Creson we packed up all our equipment and loaded on to a plane and flew to Arizona were we rented a car and drove around the desert for week and filmed everything that we thought looked interesting. This film is similar to the films in my urban landscapes series, only this film was shot in eye popping full color and there are no man made elements in this film at all. Lots of rock formations, colors, and shapes only things made my mother nature. This film also has a film score by Rubato.

- ANOMALIES OF THE UNCONSCIOUS This is the second film of the Anomalies Cycle. It is a hand Painted and manipulated film. I also used the technique of bleaching and batiking of the film emulsion. The footage was then step printed on a J-K Optical Printer. Although similar in style to The Flickering of the Minds Eye I began to experiment more with other colors and different textures such as dried leaves and flowers, hair, insect parts, and a variety of different

- THE MOVEMENT OF LIGHT AT NIGHT This was the first film that I collaborated with fellow filmmaker and friend Steve Creson. We each shot a 100ft roll of film and we did not know what each other were shooting. The only thing that our footage had in common was the fact that it was all shot in color and at night. At the time that we did this we were each experimenting with new techniques of our own. This took place on a nice summer evening in July of 1996. Film score by Rubato.

- THE PRODUCTION AND DECAY OF STRANGE PARTICLES In this film I began to experiment more with creating mats with liquid latex directly on the film emulsion then bleaching of all the excess image around the latex and using the clear bleached sections of film as a canvas to paint my film poem I used special inks that were custom made just for me called Kenville Dyes I then to re-photographed it all on my beloved JK optical printer. I also created this films sound design

- SIX ARMS – HOMAGE TO MEKAS I was asked to participate in a film program were filmmakers were asked to each shoot a 100ft roll of film in the style of legendary filmmaker Jonas Mekas. This short burst cinematic film diary was shot on a nice Saturday Afternoon at my favorite Pub The Six Arms, I documented my afternoon as it happened. Their was no editing at all on this film it was all done in Camera. I liked the film so much that I decided to add a sound track and released it.



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