Experimental Film and Video: An Anthology

Tipo de publicaciónBook
Year of Publication2006
AutoresPoole S, Evans G, Littman S, Weinbren G, Gidal P, Welsby C, Hamlyn N, Parker J, Gawthrop R, McCall A, Rhodes L, Pucill S, Danino N, Meynell K, Critchley D, Meigh-Andrews C, Kõtting A, Reeves D, Smith V, Mirza K, Butler B, Partridge S, Elwes C, Le Grice M, Leggett M
Series EditorHatfield J
Number of Pages302 pp
EditorialJohn Libbey Publishing
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number978-0-86196-906-7
Palabras claveAndrew Kõtting, Anthony McCall, Brad Butler, Catherine Elwes, Chantal Akerman, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Chris Welsby, Daniel Reeves, David Critchley, David Hall, David Larcher, George Barber, Grahame Weinbren, Guy Sherwin, Jackie Hatfield, Jayne Parker, Jeremy Welsh, Jo Ann Millet, John Smith, Karen Mirza, Katherine Meynell, Kayla Parker, Lis Rhodes, Malcolm Le Grice, Mike Leggett, Nicky Hamlyn, Nina Danino, Peter Gidal, Rob Gawthrop, Sarah Pucill, Stephen Hawley, Stephen Littman, Stephen Partridge, Tamara Krikorian, texts by artists, Tina Keane, Tony Sinden, Vicky Smith, William Raban

The past 40 years of technological innovation have significantly altered the materials of production and revolutionized the possibilities for experiment and exhibition. Not since the invention of film has there been such a critical period of major change in the imaging technologies accessible to artists. Bringing together key artists in film, video, and digital media, the anthology of Experimental Film and Video revisits the divergent philosophical and critical discourses of the 1970s and repositions these debates relative to contemporary practice. Forty artists have contributed images, and 25 artists reflect on the diverse critical agendas, contexts, and communities that have affected their practice across the period from the late 1960s to date. Along with an introduction by Jackie Hatfield and forewords by Sean Cubitt and Al Rees, this illustrated anthology includes interviews and recent essays by filmmakers, video artists, and pioneers of interactive cinema. Experimental Film and Video opens up the conceptual avenues for future practice and related critical writing.

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Foreword by Sean Cubitt
Foreword by A.L. Rees
Introduction, by Jackie Hatfield

SECTION I Philosophies and Critical Histories of Avant-Garde Film and Current Practice

Chapter 1 Post Future Past Perfect, by Grahame Weinbren
Chapter 2 Matter’s Time Time For Material, by Peter Gidal
Chapter 3 Films and Installations – A Systems View of Nature, by Chris Welsby
Chapter 4 A Line Through My Work, by Nicky Hamlyn
Chapter 5 A Few Notes on Filmmaking, by Jayne Parker
Chapter 6 Film Noise Aesthetics, by Rob Gawthrop
Chapter 7 Line Describing a Cone and Related Films, by Anthony McCall

SECTION II Languages of Representation in Film and Video: Thresholds of Materiality

Chapter 8 Trilogical Distractions, by Lis Rhodes
Chapter 9 The ‘autoethnographic’ in Chantal Akerman’s News from Home, and an Analysis of Almost Out and Stages of Mourning, by Sarah Pucill
Chapter 10 Film, The Body, The Fold. An Interview with Nina Danino on Now I Am Yours, by Nina Danino and Susanna Poole
Chapter 11 Attitudes 1-8, by Katherine Meynell
Chapter 12 Video Works 1973–1983, by David Critchley
Chapter 13 Early Video Tapes 1978–1987, by Chris Meigh-Andrews
Chapter 14 Andrew Kõtting. What he does, how he does it and the context in which it has been done: An Alphabetarium of Kõtting, by Gareth Evans and Andrew Kõtting
Chapter 15 Ardent for Some Desperate Glory: Revisiting Smothering Dreams, by Daniel Reeves
Chapter 16 War Stories, or Why I Make Videos About Old Soldiers, by Cate Elwes
Chapter 17 Moving Parts: The Divergence of Practice, by Vicky Smith

SECTION III Philosophies and Critical Histories of Video Art to Cinema

Chapter 18 Mutation on a Form, by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler
Chapter 19 Video: Incorporeal, Incorporated, by Stephen Partridge
Chapter 20 Tamara Krikorian – Defending the Frontier, by Cate Elwes
Chapter 21 Another Place – David Hall, by Jackie Hatfield
Chapter 22 Alchemy and the Digital Imaginary, by David Larcher, interviewed by Stephen Littman
Chapter 23 Reflections on My Practice and Media Specificity, by Malcolm Le Grice
Chapter 24 Expanded Cinema – Proto, Post-Photo, by Jackie Hatfield
Chapter 25 Image Con Text (1978–2003): Film/Performance/Video/Digital, by Mike Leggett


Work by George Barber, Jackie Hatfield, Stephen Hawley, Tina Keane, Tamara Krikorian, Stephen Littman, Jo Ann Millet, William Raban, Kayla Parker, Guy Sherwin, Tony Sinden, John Smith, Jeremy Welsh


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