Basement Media Fest 2011

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Basement Media Fest 2011The Basement Media Fest in Cambridge, Massachusetts is now accepting entries for the August 2011 screening.
We screen work that focuses on the mediated form. If it's lo-fi, lo-def, or lo-tech we'll probably screen it. more info can be found on our website:

Basement Media Fest
Now accepting entries
Lo Fi - Lo Def - Lo Tech
Vids Films Sounds
Deadline July 16 2011
More info:
[email protected]

Mail a DVD screener along with the following information to 19 Putnam Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
- Name(s) of Artist(s)
- Title
- Duration
- Preferred screening format
- Project summary (25 words or less)
- Project description (150 words or less)
- Contact information