The 7th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2010

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The 7th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2010
Deadline: 10th March 2010 (postmarked)

The International Experimental Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to sustaining and promoting the experimental films. We consider the experimental film to be one of the most interesting expression forms of contemporary art. The seventh edition of the Experimental Film Festival 2010 is a specific one because we will integrate the films from this year within the French-English Poetry Festival organized by the magazine LA TRADUCTIERE to Paris in June 2010.

This year subject of the French-English Poetry Festival is “DU POETIQUE a la POESIE” (“From Poetics to Poetry”). The video artists are invited to illustrate those 36 poems which were presented to the festival by means of experimental films. All the poems will be reproduced in a bilingual French-English edition and the films will constitute the third translation that of the image.

- Each artist is free to illustrate as many poems as he wants.

- The films length have to be between 1.30 and 5 minutes.

- You have to specify the title of the illustrated poem and the poet as well on the first image at the beginning of each film.

- You have to write the text “REVUE LA TRADUCTIERE no 28/33 e FESTIVAL francoanglaise de poesie” on the same image of beginning.

- At least 3 stanzas from the poem that you decide to illustrate have to be inserted directly on the image or as soundtrack.

All the films that you send will be showed on the screen during the Poetry Festival within “MARCHE DE LA POESIE” in Place Saint-Sulpice from Paris beginning on Thursday on 17th of June.

A selection of films within the festival are showed on the screen at cinema BALZAC on Boulevard CHAMPS-ELYSEES on the 13th of June at 11.30 o’clock.

You can find the poems presented to the festival enclosed this regulation. Widely information about the films within the festival you can find also on the magazine LA TRADUCTIERE web-site.

Send your films on the address below before the 10th of March post date from your locality.

P.O.BOX 1 Of. Postal 9
430510 Baia Mare, MARAMURES

All the films sent to Florean Museum will become the museum property, including all copyrights and use, but excluding commercial use. The Florean Museum’s experimental film collection is a reference point of the contemporary experimental film and is available to anyone who wants to study the phenomenon. For this reason all the films will be introduced on the museum site, in a format that does not allow any kind of commercial use, only the artistic one. They will be accompanied by the artists’ CV. No entry papers are needed. The films will be accepted only on DVDs, PAL system. For any inconvenience regarding this matter, please contact the festival’s director, Mr. Mircea Bochis at [email protected].

Sending the films to the festival represents the acceptance of this regulation. For any additional information, please contact the festival’s director Mr. Mircea Bochis: [email protected].