13th dresdner schmalfilmtage

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13th dresdner schmalfilmtage13th dresdner schmalfilmtage
26th to 28th of Januar 2012
at Motorenhalle. Project Centre for Contemporary Art

... consumption, digestion and the radical otherness
We guzzle, we shit, we are fancy complex systems of consumption and digestion. Despite social conventions and civilized behaviour, we are what we are! Thus eating has always been a main issue in Fine Arts being presented in films as well: As a symbolic character among sex and violence it has been a metapher for human dependency, obsession and drives. The dresdner schmalfilmtage presents works in the foodfilm-programme which show how Super8-filming was influenced by different ways of feeding and different kinds of food. A Best-of Super8-kitchen-classics.

The Wiener Aktionismus on the other hand crosses completely different borders of taste. They do not dread taboos. Naked bodies, automutilations and the forced game with flour, blood and excrements excruciate the audience. The Vienna Actionists digest society based on order, and permanently, purement and self-control and truly excrete them. The radical otherness presents the moviemaker Samantha Rebello. She is nowadays one of the "young and upcoming" in London's film and art scene. The human body and daily objects were transformed by extreme close-ups, strict cuts and different uses of music to unknown materials and newly discovered worlds: the radical otherness.

... Spanish eyes
The 13th festival edition focuses on Spain presenting two special sessions. The development of the "other cinema" in Spain was for a long time influenced by the political and cultural restrictions due to the Franco Regime. After the dictatorship the artificial controversy lacked a political rubbbing against it. The 13th dresdner schmalfilmtage centre two Spanish artists, Albert Alcoz and David Domingo aka Stanley Sunday, who both use filming and innovative optical alienation but with very different results.

... the battlefield "Motorenhalle"
The battle premieres at dresdner schmalfilmtage. In six votings Super8 world record holder Manuel Francescon and the new Super8 star, the Kreuzköllnkops from Berlin, fight against each other in the Motorenhalle arena. Both rivals have the ability which has been almost lost in the Super8 scene during the last years: The connection of do-it-yourself-aesthetics and callous underdog-competing.
The International Super8 competition clash Trash-Haiko, Super8 shortfilm masterpieces and experienced directors. The programme is completed with the Live-Sounding-Competion, which has become a favourite of the audience within two years.
The 13th dresdner schmalfilmtage will end with a final battle on Saturday, the 28th of January: live and ruthless The Projector Runs! The principle is simple: the projectors get wheels and the unspooled films will be fixed at wall behind the finish line. After the starter shot the tuned machines dash to the finish line while the film get spuled and projected. The final Super8 projections of the dresdner schmalfilmtage 2012.