Lumiere's The Arrival Of A Train in Russian.

So, here comes the long-waited train to our station. We've been waiting for him for more then a century, hoping for free decision of old, as cinematography itself, theme. During that time the world's been changing, TV grown up, virtual art started to cry in its curable, and the train were coming and coming. While raining, we were dancing rumba and felt a terrible jealousy to old Lumiers. They, pioneers, could easy found themes and decisions. And we? What's the fate of our missed generation? Everything has been already shouted. Everything. Even that, for what normal man wouldn't give a piece of film. So what we had to do? Dance rumba. Besides, right on the station, under the rain falling down. Because everyone should be glad and all "classic" fears should be lost. Oldmans waited the train to shoot its coming for the first time, and we also will wait and shoot. Why not? The cinema started with train, we ourselves started with cinema (I mean art birth), so that's why we had a complete right for some liberties. At last, who quilts we are not like other, normal passengers and even wears different clothes? Not only family and school, but cinema prophesies too. They shouted people in much mute extraordinary clothes. And what about passengers - they are consumers. They are really not same as we are, because have a clear knowledge where art finishes and life starts. So that's why we shoot the train's coming again, while passengers walking around. But suddenly here comes an angry male with the face of degenerate, and everything really stops. Because angry males don't care about development of world cinematography. Maybe, we all died, and felt no pain nor fear. Any case, not such terrible as first seance on Caputines Blvd.





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5 minutes and 30 seconds



"SKIF-4", Alternative International Music Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia, April, 2000;
"Solntsevorot-5", Experimental The Theatres' Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia, June, 2000;
3-th International Festival Experimental Art & Performans, "Manage", Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia, August, 2000;
Leeds International Film Festival, UK, October, 2000.

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