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How often does a trailer mis-advertise a film? I would argue this is a frequent occurrence, mandated to get “butts in seats.” Even one of my favourite trailers, for Aleksei German’s Hard to Be a God, woefully mis-advertises its film by the inclusion of music alone (yet that’s what makes the trailer so great) The trailer I have posted here fits into the category of misleading advertisement (especially thanks to its quasi-adoption of JLG’s style, RIP) While working on movies, I frequently arrive at a situation where I have much of the photography for the picture complete, but am still waiting on either other parts of production or film from the lab. Here I end up, impatiently, editing a “trailer” (a hilarious idea for a short film) or a separate micro-short from the film’s footage (or occasionally other footage). GRINDCORE VACATION produced PC-4L in this fashion, THE STILL IMAGE AND THE LABOUR PROCESS: AN AGITKA produced ONEIROLOGUE, and now A PERSONAL NOTION OF PROGRESS has produced this “trailer,” which will, if plans go accordingly, be different from the finished short film.



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