PC-4L is a short documentary by Victoria filmmaker Ailín Ó Dálaigh and Dallas filmmaker Dariel Hernandez of a Dallas, TX powerviolence band's ritual of drinking Four Loko during practice. The idea of PC-4L originated with Ailín Ó Dálaigh in Victoria and intends to capture some of the inherent comedy that takes place in the rehearsal space of a band that plays an extreme style of music like powerviolence, which necessitates that the artist not take themselves too seriously by nature of the small audience they will ever reach. The choice of a Dallas, TX band as the subject of the film was made because of Ailín's familiarity with the members, as a former member, a relationship that he thought would produce natural interaction.

Official Selection Short Circuit Film Festival 2020.



Technical data

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3 minutes and 48 seconds

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