History of Film "Conversation" and "Death", as well as clips of Lenny Fedorov Album "Winter is not."


     "The history of the clips to the album Leni Fedorov" The winters will not be "is as follows: One came to me Leon and Alex Ananiev with the intention of any clip to the then-new album What we did at my house then, after the shooting,.. By way of example I showed Lena stuff that I took earlier, a few days before the death of my grandmother. It is necessary say very documentary material, which I do not even want to be, because doubt the moral correctness of such surveys. Still, I decided to show him purely for myself, for the memory. And I called the film "Death." I did not become his voice, and then left mute.
     In short - as it turned out, Lena sank into the soul of these pictures, and it even after the installation of our video ( "Something like that") did not leave hope to somehow use. He asked me to transfer them to the video, I'm not without some hesitation, did. There also included our family photos: one that my grandfather sent to the front, the other in which my mother and aunt embodied more children, and even I was there in the infancy at the hands of his grandmother. In general, we received a very strong clips, where the old woman as if remembers his life before he died, looking at old pictures. When mounting on high-quality pasteboard, where the assembled clips Kalvarsky, Lesch, and Lenya still decided to leave for the greater my cinematic documentary gluing. 
That's the story!
     But it is not complete ... Just recently I came across a box with a film of a decade ago. It turned out to be all the film footage that we took while in my home with Lenya and Lesha. And I wanted to see: what would have happened if it was embodied in the life of the initial plan Leni Fedorov, whom he came to me then. The thing is that we filmed for another thing the album! Lenya wanted to film "Lady Di". It had to look like a phone conversation with Henri Volokhonskaya whose voice sounds in this issue of the album. Let me remind you that thing, "Lady Di" is devoid of music as such - only a voice there. Hence, in the video "Something like that," was the hero hears the phone.
     I took the found material and made the film "Conversation". Time spent, Leon has released several albums of his work. I thought not shameful to use in the film and later lёniny things. There polka sound of the album "was melting." I seem to be managed as a whole, this film realize that Leon would at the very beginning. Anyway, the movie turned out quite in the spirit of Fedorov and with him also in the title role. Following the experimental spirit of the works of "AUCTION" I decided to leave the unvoiced part of the film, remembering yet another great experimenter -. Dzhone.Keydzhe and his work "4'33" "" Four minutes and thirty-three seconds "- a three-part composition by American composer for the composition of the free tools . The duration of the product corresponds to its name; in part it is, from the first, - 30 seconds, 2 minutes 23 seconds and 1 minute and 40 seconds, respectively throughout the "execution" works by members of the ensemble are not removed from the sounds of their instruments..      According to the authors the content of each of the three fragments are those environmental sounds that will be heard during the "listening" composition. "

Interview with Dmitry Frolov recorded Aleksey Popov



2000 to 2010


Technical data

Original format: 




Aspect ratio: 







13 minutes

Image Gallery: 

Conversation (Dmitri Frolov, 2000-2010)
Conversation (Dmitri Frolov, 2000-2010)


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