The Bigmoon Nights

The film "Nights full moon" shows the tendency of moral decay in society. The main character is torn apart by internal contradictions, leading him to the path of Evil. Bans on self-identification - philosophical, existential, sexual, and then permissiveness spawn a monster that is not aware of its true nature and genuine desires. Throughout the film-trilogy, the protagonist goes through a series of temptations that ruin his soul and lead, after all, to a madhouse. In a general sense, the film allegorically shows the tragic path of the Russian lumpen intellectual, lost between the past and the present, not finding the strength to accept and comprehend the unexpected changes that happened in our country twenty years ago. In the global sense - the tragic circle of Russian history.

Translated title: 

Nochi Polnoluniya



1990 to 1993


Technical data

Original format: 




Aspect ratio: 



Colour & B&W




1 hour and 30 minutes


1 International Festival Experimental Art & Performans, Maneg, St.Petersburg, Russia, July, 1996;
"St.Petersburg 97" Art Biennale, Maneg, Russia, January, 1998;
"SKIF-4", Alternative International Music Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia, April, 2000;
"Solntsevorot-5", Experimental The Theatres' Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia, June, 2000;
3-th International Festival Experimental Art & Performans, "Manage", Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia, August, 2000.

Image Gallery: 

The Bigmoon Nights-Poster
The Bigmoon Nights-Poster

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