Hier ist es zur Zeit sehr schön

"Here it is very nice at the Moment" is a triptych. The first part, "Maria and the World", filmed by Ute Aurand in 1995, is composed from a multitude of brief glimpses into Maria's world, after her move to the countryside to take care of her mother. Maria Lang's own film, "Family Crypt - A Love Letter to my Mother" (1981) is at the center. Maria, the daughter, speaks about herself, her mother, father, and brother. She speaks about what we more often remain silent - the walls, the barriers, but also the love. Twenty-two years later, Ute Aurand began filming Maria's daily nursing of her 96 year old mother. Edited by the two filmmakers, "The Butterfly in Winter" was completed in 2006 and became the third part of the triptych.