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  • Gunvor Nelson

    Swedish filmmaker Gunvor Grundel Nelson was born in 1931 in Stockholm, Sweden. Now living in Kristinehamn, Sweden. She has worked as an experimental filmmaker since the 1960s.


  • Christine Noll Brinckmann

    Christine Noll Brinckmann is a german filmmaker and film theorist. She was born in China in 1937, where her father worked as a doctor. Her family returned to Germany in 1949. She attended Bonn, Berlin, and Frankfurt universities, where she studied English and American literature and classical philology and got a Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of Frankfurt.


  • Andrew Noren

    Andrew Noren (b. Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA, 1943-d. North Carolina, 2015) was an american experimental filmmaker.


    United States