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  • Maria Lang

    Maria Lang was born in 1945 in Zusmarshausen. After training in a photo lab, she studied at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin. Together with Ute Aurand, she began the research project 25 Jahre Studentinnen an der dffb and founded the Filmclub at the dffb, specializing in women's films. She also presents the monthly series Filmarbeiterinnen-Abend at the Arsenal Kino in Berlin.


  • Maximilian Le Cain

    Maximilian Le Cain is a filmmaker and critic based in the city of Cork, Ireland. He's written for many magazines including Senses of Cinema, Film Ireland and Rouge. He is also the editor of the online magazine devoted to experimental cinema Experimental Conversations.

    Artist's Statement

    Most of my editing work is done at night. These videos I make are nocturnal.


  • Emmanuel Lefrant

    Born in 1975, Emmanuel Lefrant studied cinema at the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle where he started an academic work on abstract films. He then spent several years in Montreal where he founded the kinaesthetic research collective PHYLM with audio artist Philippe Pasquier. Back to Paris in 2004, he works again on performances first with Nominoë -performance collective he founded in 2000- then more recently with Carole Arcega ('Tabula Rasa', 2007) and Stefano Canapa ('Petrolio', 2008), performances in which he composes the sound live. In parallel to that, he helps Nicolas Rey at , an artist-run film lab based near Paris. He also became in 2007 the director of Light Cone.


  • Eric Leiser

    Eric Leiser is an award-winning artist, experimental filmmaker, animator, puppeteer, writer and holographer working in New York and born in California.
    An alumni of CalArt’s Experimental Animation program, he creates animated and live action feature films and shorts as well as intricate works integrating animation, puppetry, painting, holography, live performance and installation.


    United States
  • Laida Lertxundi

    Laida Lertxundi (Bilbao, 1981) makes films with non-actors that evoke external and internal spaces of intimacy. Through intricate arrangements of actions and sounds, her work explores how filmic moments can be imbued with emotional resonance. As her cinema questions how viewers’ desires and expectations are shaped by cinematic forms of storytelling, it also searches for alternative ways of linking sound and music with found locales, constructed situations, and quotidian environments.


  • Saul Levine

    Saul Levine, born in 1943 in New Haven, Connecticut, is a maker and advocate of avant-garde film and more recently video. He is currently a professor at MassArt where he has taught for 30 years and programmed the longstanding MassArt Film Society. His work has been screened nationally and worldwide, most recently in Shanghai, Paris and Rotterdam. He is based in Boston and hardly leaves town.


    United States
  • Len Lye

    Len Lye, born Leonard Charles Huia Lye (5 July 1901, Christchurch, New Zealand - 15 May 1980, Warwick, New York), was a New Zealand-born artist known primarily for his experimental films and kinetic sculpture. His films are held in archives such as the New Zealand Film Archive, British Film Institute, Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and the Berkeley Art Museum|Pacific Film Archive at University of California, Berkeley.


    New Zealand