Ulrike Pfeiffer

Ulrike Pfeiffer was born in Korbach in 1951 and studied Creative Photography at the Academy for Art and Design in Cologne from 1974-1978 and followed this by attending the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin. She has lived and worked in Hamburg since 1985.

Her films as camerawoman include Multiple x (1981), Das oranische Tor (TV, 1985), Die froehliche Wallfahrt (1991) and Die drei gerechten Kammacher (1992/93) while her directing credits include the shorts Das ist ein Ende (1981), Umweg (1982), Gala (1983), and Oh - die vier Jahreszeiten (1988). The feature-length film Rokoko (1996) was originally made as a short in 1984.



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