Schahram Poursoudmand

Music & Sound Artist I Composer I Visual Imagist I Poet

Schahram Poursoudmand is a German experimental, avant-garde composer, music/sound artist, visual imagist and poet.

He creates extraordinary music, sound and visual art of a unique kind. In his artistic work he explores and creates existential, metaphysical experimental art. Exceptional avant-garde visions of music, sound, visual art and poetry.

Award-winning and worldwide presented artistic works. Presentations, festivals and exhibitions: Tokyo, New York City, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Seoul, Toronto, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Art Barcelona, National Museum of Modern Art Nimes, Center for Contemporary Art Beijing, World Financial Center New York City etc.

In the avant-garde projects LICHTPHON, ONEVERYMOON, LICHTSCHREI, SHINE and ART-AVANT, Schahram Poursoudmand develops creative possibilities for discovering identity and beauty through disintegration, dissolution, transformation and recreation of being and beyond in the transitions from existence to non-existence. The moment becomes eternity. This is the essential approach and intention of his artistic passion.

Music, sound, image and moving picture is stretched and condensed in form, time and space. Tonal and visual entities, sections and details, become disintegrated through dissolution in themselves and creates new structures, unknown realities and avant-garde elements by further deformation, in the beauty of decomposition. Existence, time, duality, deconstruction, humanism, transcendence, the infinite moment, the unknown, and recreation are some of the themes in his works.

Schahram Poursoudmand creates unreal worlds of music, sound, visual art and poetry of strange beauty with unique aesthetics and expression.

Music, sound and visual works, films, photo art, theater works, CD releases:

„Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)“, „Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X)“, „Auf Ewig (Lichtschrei/Lichtphon)“, „After the Day before (Másnap)“, „SOURCE“, „SHINE - inthecentre“, „theprimitivecreature“, „biomechanics“, „Ein Zeichen“ etc.

Soundtrack for the award-winning drama “After the Day Before (Másnap)" together with Arvo Pärt, György Ligeti.

Cooperation with the Swiss artist and Oscar winner H.R. Giger. Soundtracks to the paintings „Biomechanics“ (1995), „The Shiner“, „The Primitive Creature“, „New York City“.

CD album „SHINE - inthecentre“. For his project „SHINE“, inspired by the art of H.R. Giger, Schahram Poursoudmand created and realized the concept album as a composer, musician, singer and producer. On the occasion of the H.R. Giger exhibition „Visioni Di Fine Millennio“ at Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan (1996), the limited luxury edition of the exhibition catalog including the CD album „SHINE - inthecentre“ appeared. Limited catalog and CD are signed by both artists.

“The fascination of renewal after the dissolution. The discovery and representation of beauty through artistic deconstruction. The changing and exploration of the new created by deformation of time and time states. The diving into deep nanostructured sound and image worlds when creating existence into non-existence and new realities are the topics that stirs and fascinate me. Not the obvious, clearly audible and visible - but the secret behind the veil."

A surreal and bizarre mystery in music and visual art.




52° 33' 47.2176" N, 13° 23' 45.1032" E

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