Sarah Pucill

Sarah Pucill is a british experimental filmmaker and lecturer. She has been making 16mm films for 20 years. Her films have been funded by the Arts Council, London Production Fund, Carlton Television and the AHRC and have been screened at major international film festival. These include: London Film Festival, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Osnabruck Media Arts Festival and Montreal Festival of New Cinema. Television broadcasts include: BSB TV Australia (Mirrored Measure, 1996; bought by BSB), Carlton Television (Backcomb, 1995; funded by Carlton), Granada TV (You Be Mother, 1990).

Sarah Pucill lives and works in London and is senior lecturer at University of Westminster since 2000. Her films are distributed through LUX, The British Film Institute (BFI), British Council, , y Canyon Cinema.

Sarah Pucill's films and photographs explore the mirroring and merging we seek in the Other; a sense of self which is transformative and fluid. Her work is concerned with the idea that as subjects we are not separate. Focusing on the materiality of film and the body, she creates a vivid and unsettling psychic world that sets up the imaginary as a potential site of resistance.

Selected Exhibitions/Screenings

Solo screenings

2007 The Subjective Camera series, Greenwich Picture House, London 2006 The Millennium Film Workshop, NY Greenwich Picture House, London Light Reading series, Lab, London, curated by Karen Mirza & Brad Butler 2002 291 Gallery, London, curated by Lisa Jensen 2000 LUX, London, part of DNET Festival of Electronic & Digital Art *1998 Tate Britain, curated by Gary Thomas

Group screenings and exhibitions

2006 Unfixed POV, curated by Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe, New York Film-Makers Co-op PULSAR Caracas Contemporary Art Museum and touring Archetypes, curated by Karen Mirza and Cate Shindler, Transit Space 2005 Take 291, curated by Charlie Phillips, 291 Gallery 2004 Masquerade, curated by Kate Newton, Photofusion Gallery, London A Century of Film and Video Artists, curated by David Curtis, Tate Britain *Experiments of Moving Image 1970-2000, curated by Jackie Hatfield & Steven Littman, Old Lumiere Cinema, London

Awards Sitting Still, 2007, Arts Council Taking My Skin, 2006, Arts Council Taking My Skin, 2006, AHRC Stages of Mourning, 2004, AHRC


United Kingdom

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