Pat O'Neill

Pat O'Neill (b. 1939 in Los Angeles, California) is an experimental film-maker who has worked as well in commercial cinema. His expertise include the area of Direction, Cinematography, Production, Editing, Visual Effects, Special Effects and the Animation Department.

His early 16mm films include 'Runs Good (1970), 'Easyout (1971), and 'Down Wind (1973). His later 35mm films include 'Water and Power (1989), 'Trouble In The Image (1996), and 'The Decay of Fiction (2002). On December 30, 2008, 'Water and Power was selected for preservation, by the Library of Congress, by being added to the National Film Registry.

He is known most notably for his use of the optical printer.

He has also taught at the California Institute of the Arts. He influenced a generation of CalArts students, who include Adam Beckett, Robert Blalack, Chris Casady, and Larry Cuba, who all later when to work on the special effects of the original Star Wars.



United States

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